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Z-1000 High speed dispersion machine

mixing, dissolving and dispersing liquid and solid materials in chemical industries such as coatings, fuels, pigments, inks, papermaking, adhesives

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High Speed dispersion machine

High speed dispersion machine are used for mixing and dispersing solid - liquid mixtures, and widely used in the mixing, dissolving and dispersing of two or more liquid and solid powdery chemicals, such as internal and external wall latex paint, vitrified floor tile glue, K11 polymer waterproof painting, and other fuels, ink, paper making, adhesive, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. . The machine is composed of five parts: hydraulic system, main motor, mixing system, guiding mechanism and electric control box. Each part is compact and reasonable. 


  1. Stepless speed regulation: electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation (for waterborne paint) and explosion proof variable frequency speed regulation (such as oil paint). It can meet different process requirements, and can choose different speed according to different process stages.
  2. The dispersed disk is sawtooth, and the liquid material forms a turbulent zone at the 2.5-5mm edge of the dispersed disk. The upper and lower layers are laminar, and the particles are subjected to strong shear, impact, crushing and dispersion, so as to achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing and refining. With little air absorption, the material can be dissolved quickly, the particles will be smaller, and the  mixing effect will be good.
  3. It has many functions, such as hydraulic lifting, 360 degree turning, stepless speed regulation and so on. Hydraulic lift 1300, 360 degrees of rotary function can better meet the multiple use of one machine, can configure 2-4 containers at the same time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. This type of machine is especially suitable for mass production.

Working principle

Features: When stirring and dispersing, the air absorption is very little, the mixing and blending effect is very good. With medium or high speed stirring, the dispersing can make the matter dissolve rapidly, and the particles become smaller.

The frequency conversion explosion-proof disperser is used for high-speed dispersion of ultra-fine solid particles into the liquid to form suspended particles. The characteristic of suspended particles is that the fine particles are not precipitated by the suction of the earth's center. In the process of dispersal, several processes are carried out at the same time.

The surface of solid particles is wetted with a liquid base.

Mechanical energy can be used to scatter particles into smaller particles.

The interaction between particles and liquid base determines the power of wetting and flocculation.

The interaction between solid particles and liquid base determines the effect of wetting and anti flocculation.

Remarks: special specifications and technical requirements can be customized.







Main frame+Controll box+Mix tank

Lift method


lift distance 


rotary method

360degree free

motor power


Main motor 

stepless speed regulation

Speed range


We Provide technology formula training:

1、Latex paint(economic paint, engineering paint, interior wall odorless paint, bamboo charcoal paint and other popular products).

2、Natural Real Stone Paint (low to senior grade, including color matching)
3、Diatom mud production technology and construction process
4、Floor tile adhensive production and construction process
5、K11 water proof and JS water proof
6、Water-based stone like paint
7、Glazed micro bead insulation mortar and plaster mortar, adhesive mortar
8、Plastering gypsum
9、Inner and outer wall putty powder
10、Sealant technology
11、Mortar king and liquid mortar King technology

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Z-1000 High speed dispersion machine
mixing, dissolving and dispersing liquid and solid materials in chemical industries such as coatings, fuels, pigments, inks, papermaking, adhesives


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