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GD2 vertical putty paste mixer

produce viscous materials such as putty paste

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GD2 vertical putty paste mixer

Computerized Metering Paste Mixer is a professional mixing equipment for paste chemical coatings. It has the following advantages: high-speed dispersion, low-speed mixing, accurate computer metering, lightly touch the switch, you can release a set weight of materials.

For example: a set bag of 25 kilograms of material, switch on, the equipment automatically start discharge and to 25 kilograms stop discharging, of course, there will small error (+ 0.15 kilograms).

This machine is a special machine for paste materials. It has the advantages of fast stirring time (5-8 minutes), no granules, completely closed outlet, no need to use grinding machine for stirring finished products, small footprint, easy operation, etc. It is in the leading level of the same equipment in China.


1.  Vertical paste mixer covers a small area, less investment.

2.  This paste mixer equiped with clearance mouth, easy cleaning.

3.  The mixer used to produce viscous materials mixing unique spiral ribbon design makes mixing more uniform and faster than the vertical paste mixer mixer. 

4.  The clearance between the mixing blade and the barrel wall is very small, which can effectively remove the bond on the barrel wall and reduce the waste in the process of material cleaning. 

5.  Easy to operate, dry powder raw materials fed from spiral conveyor, liquid can be fed by water pump. It is easy to use and greatly reduces the labor intensity.

Working principle

The structure of paste mixer is mainly composed of transmission part, vertical cylinder, dispersing shaft, stirring group, discharging valve, scraping wall and spraying device. The high-speed stirring and dispersing wheel in the vertical cylinder rotates along the main shaft to make the material move in radial circumference along the cylinder arm, and the radial material flows along the line through the stirring and scraping group. The loose wheel disperses, changes, compounds unceasingly, causes the material to achieve the mixing uniformity in the shorter time; The transmission part includes the motor cycloid pinwheel reducer, the coupling, mainly transforms the motor movement into the stirring dispersion needs the higher speed and the torque transmission complex high-speed dispersion shaft.


Overall sizeDiameter120cm height 275cm
Mixing capacity1500kg
motor power15kw+7.5kw+4kw+4kw
mixing methodVertical shaft forced mix+Scraping 
mixing time30min. 


We provide technology formula training:

1、Emulsion paint(economic paint, engineering paint, interior wall odorless paint, bamboo charcoal paint and other popular products).

2、Natural Real Stone Paint (low to senior grade, including color matching)
3、Diatom mud production technology and construction process
4、Floor tile adhensive production and construction process
5、K11 water proof and JS water proof
6、Water-based stone like paint
7、Glazed micro bead insulation mortar and plaster mortar, adhesive mortar
8、Plastering gypsum
9、Inner and outer wall putty powder
10、Sealant technology
11、Mortar king and liquid mortar King technology
  • SHZ-1000:15800
  • SHZ-2000:24800
GD2 vertical putty paste mixer
produce viscous materials such as putty paste


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