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901 Instant glue powder

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901 Instant glue powder 

901 type environmental protection building glue powder is widely used to produce inner and outer wall putty powder, diatom mud, porcelain imitation paint, putty paste, building glue, plaster gypsum, gypsum binder, thermal insulation mortar, ceramic tile binder, mortar king and a series of products. In particular, the dry powder coating and putty produced by the product have the advantages of convenient transportation, long shelf life, reasonable price and simple production process.(Just stir or make use of the paste for direct use.) Unlike traditional coatings, it is difficult to produce glue, which causes trouble and pollutes the environment. The putty coating produced by the L-901 type environmental protection quick soluble glue powder can be used without other additives. It can resist the crack and waterproof, the hardness is high, the whiteness is good, and the feel is smooth. If the high light type is made, the light can be as bright as the mirror, the luster is shining, the whole effect can be compared with the market porcelain brick. Because of its advanced technology and excellent performance, it has been widely accepted by users and has a very broad market prospect.

Our company's high performance "Zhongqing" series of environmental glue powder, this series of glue powder can completely replace polyvinyl alcohol, carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, HPMC and so on. With the glue powder and the production technology we provide, the dry powder coating, water proof putty of inner and outer wall, insulation mortar and so on, the storage time is long, no caking, no solidification, the use effect is good, the cost is low, the surface is like porcelain, hard as steel, scrubbing, non powder, no crack, no skin, smooth and fine film, long life, and long life. This low, clean water can be used for construction. The putty powder produced has the advantages of high viscosity, low cost, labor saving and time saving, easy operation, high hardness and scrubbing.

The glue powder can be used for inner wall water proof putty, exterior wall waterproof putty, dry powder toughened coating, special putty for crack resistance of exterior wall, leveling putty, tile putty, tile caulking putty, plasterboard sealant and so on. As the water retaining agent and retarder of cement sand slurry, the mortar has the pumping property. It can be used to paste ceramic tile, marble, plastic decoration, paste enhancer, and also reduce the amount of cement. The water retention property of the rubber powder makes the slurry cracked after drying and enhances the strength after hardening.

  • 1KG:24
  • 25KG:600
901 Instant glue powder
Building Glue Powder Manufacturers, Building Glue Powder Suppliers, Building Glue Powder, Manufacturer Directory, Exporters, Sellers


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