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903 Instant glue powder

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903 Instant glue powder 

Package: compound film bag. Net weight: 25KG/bag

Storage: stored in a dry environment below 30℃, stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place, moistureproof and rain proof.

Quality guarantee period:  One year, if the shelf life is exceeded, no block caking can continue use. 

Attention: After open, the unused glue powder must be sealed to avoid air contact and damp.

Product description: 

  1.  High bonding strength, less additive amount. 
  2. Good construction performance.
  3. Good water holding capacity, workability and anti falling property. It can be adjusted to about 20 minutes.
  4. Save cost. Because this product can produce thin layer binder, it can greatly reduce consumption and save cost.
  5. Good durability. This product has a certain flexibility, and because of its thin layer bonding, it has the ability to resist deformation, so it has good durability.

Scope of application:

It can be used to produce ceramic tile binder, wall and floor tile binder, stone binder and so on. The ceramic tile adhesive produced can be widely used in concrete mortar wall, ground and all kinds of wall panels on the surface of ceramic tiles. It is also suitable for composite insulation and basement, garage and building of various brick concrete structure, frame and shear wall structure. Fire and insulation of public facilities such as ladder corridor.

Construction environment:

 5℃ to 35℃, It is not suitable construction for under the sun and under heavy rain.


Ash material: water = 0.85:1 (mass ratio), wet mortar should not be too agitated. Stir in the blender for 3 minutes and then stir again.


Only add water when making slurry, can NOT add  other aggregate, sand and additives. The matching slurry should be used in 2 hours.

Technology support:

Buy glue powder to produce putty we provide "RIRIXIN trademark", and free training of inner wall ordinary putty, inner wall waterproof putty powder, ordinary wall waterproof putty powder, exterior wall anti cracking putty powder, dry powder porcelain imitation paint, dry powder toughened coating, exterior wall waterproof putty powder, porcelain tile refurbishing putty powder and exterior wall insulation bonded sand. Slurry ceramic tile binder, gypsum bond, putty paste, plaster mortar, dry powder 108 building glue formula, ordinary building glue and other dozens putty formula and detailed production technology. 

  • 1KG:23
  • 25KG:530
903 Instant glue powder
Building Glue Powder Manufacturers, Building Glue Powder Suppliers, Building Glue Powder, Manufacturer Directory, Exporters, Sellers


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