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GD6 horizontal putty paste mixer

mixing all kinds of liquid raw materials. such as putty paste, real stone paint, chemical mixtures

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GD6 horizontal putty paste mixer

Horizontal paste paint mixer

1) Adopt integral structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life, easy installation and wide application range;

2) Adopt spiral belt stirring, no dead angle, material throwing type mixing, high uniformity.

3) Spiral conveyor feeding device, feeding port can be build  in ground level, convenient feeding.

4) There is a movable door at the lower end of the machine bucket, which is easy to clean.

This series of fully automatic mixer is suitable for mixing all kinds of liquid raw materials. It can also change the shape of inner spiral belt to produce granular and paste materials. Horizontal mixer is durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, less vibration. 


The special spiral belt design make mixer good for viscous materials makes the mixing more uniform and faster than that of the vertical paste mixer; the gap between the mixing blade and the barrel wall is very small, which can effectively remove the bonds on the barrel wall,The dry powder material can be fed by a conveyor feeder, and the liquid can be fed by the pump. It is easy to use and greatly reduces labor intensity.


Volume: 2000type

Bucket size: 2.5*1.1*1.2m

Mix motor: 15KW

Converyor motor: 5.5KW

Outlet motor: 4KW

Bucket volume: 2.8M3

Mix time: 5-8min.

We provide technology formula training:

1、Emulsion paint(economic paint, engineering paint, interior wall odorless paint, bamboo charcoal paint and other popular products).

2、Natural Real Stone Paint (low to senior grade, including color matching)
3、Diatom mud production technology and construction process
4、Floor tile adhensive production and construction process
5、K11 water proof and JS water proof
6、Water-based stone like paint
7、Glazed micro bead insulation mortar and plaster mortar, adhesive mortar
8、Plastering gypsum
9、Inner and outer wall putty powder
10、Sealant technology
11、Mortar king and liquid mortar King technology
  • SHZ-1000:15800
  • SHZ-2000:24800
GD6 horizontal putty paste mixer
mixing all kinds of liquid raw materials. such as putty paste, real stone paint, chemical mixtures


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