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Different spaces, different waterproofing, how to reach one step process!

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Different spaces, different waterproofing, how to reach one step process!


Waterproof construction, mainly for the bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other areas at home vulnerable to moisture, due to the different areas involved, construction technology, waterproof material selection is also different, how to judge the difference between each other?


  • Bathroom area: First of all, the most important bathroom area. Usually, after sewers transformation, water-proofing should be done first. After putting pipes in, the ground should be waterproofed again. There are two times in total. Pay attention to the construction sequence and details, in order to ensure the waterproof quality!


  • Bathroom area: This step is more common, after the completion of waterproof construction, workers need to drain water for closed water detection. After the full water reaches a certain height, it is qualified to ensure that there is no significant decline within 24 hours.

  • Bathroom area: It should be noted that the areas of floor leakage, small water pipes, floor joints, toilet pipes, etc., are often the most easily leaking places in toilets. During construction, we should focus on small parts. Usually other parts are brushed twice. Here, we need to brush several times.
  • Heating bedroom need to install floor : after the floor is demolished, do waterproof before do floor heating, in order to prevent leakage of water pipes and not endanger the downstairs. After installation, pressure test is needed, and backfilling construction can not be completed until acceptance is completed. If there is no leakage and pressure relief, most of the later leakage phenomena are caused by human factors.
  • Heating bedroom need to install floor : usually before construction, need to know how to deploy waterproof paint, the proportion of deployment is what. If not proportionally deployed, the waterproof paint may not achieve the original effect.
  • The junction area between kitchen and bathroom: The most basic requirement of lightweight wall waterproofing is that all lightweight wall surfaces required for moisture-proof and water-proof must be handled, and the wall height should not be less than 1.8m, no matter in kitchen or bathroom. The lower end of the wall should be made of C20 fine stone concrete wall cushion, which is not less than 100 mm higher than the floor.

  • The junction area between kitchen and bathroom: If there is no waterproof layer protection, the adjacent wall and the top corner wall are prone to mildew. Before laying wall tiles, waterproof wall should be done first. Usually the wall height is 30 cm in waterproofing treatment.
  • The junction area between kitchen and bathroom: In addition, many waterproof coatings need to be coated with two layers. When the first coat solidifies to non-sticky hands, the second coat waterproof construction will be carried out. The scraping direction must be perpendicular to the first scraping direction. The scraping amount is slightly less than that of the first scraping, and the thickness of 0.5mm is suitable.
  • The junction area between kitchen and bathroom: Painting method Waterproof paint from bottom to top, first wall to floor. The best interval between the first and second brushing is about 4 to 8 hours. After brushing, the waterproof layer is brushed on the premise that the hand is not sticky before brushing, and the two brushes before and after the brushing are cross-wise.

  • The junction area between kitchen and bathroom: The wet and watery part between kitchen and bathroom should be lower than the elevation of the floor of hall or corridor after formal completion. Stone materials not afraid of water should be installed in the doorway and waterproof treatment should be done at the root of the doorway to prevent seepage of water from the doorway to the living room.
  • Balcony and top-floor residential: polyethylene-polypropylene composite waterproofing membrane is widely used in this kind of area, because it is a three-dimensional mesh structure, which can be used stably for a long time in the ambient temperature range of - 40 ~60 ~C. It is especially effective in resisting external rainwater and groundwater leakage.
  • Balcony and Top Residence: In the actual construction process, waterproofing membrane also needs to cooperate with other materials. Cement paste adhesives are prepared with polyvinyl alcohol glue containing 5%-15% water cement. The mixing must be uniform, no precipitation, no agglomeration and no segregation.
  • Balcony and Top Residence: Open balcony because of exposure to the external environment, must do waterproof, to avoid rain and snow infiltration indoors or downstairs. Compared with the closed balcony, because the balcony will be used as a laundry place, will also encounter clothing droplets low to the ground, so usually do waterproof.
    Outside area of windowsill: Therefore, waterproof balcony area, especially windowsill extension area, first of all, we should pay attention to the quality of doors and windows, good sealing. Secondly, the effect of waterproof lines, usually to ensure that the balcony and living room between at least 2-3 cm height difference.

  • Conclusion
    Except for the standard construction, the high quality materials are also indispensable. There are many kinds of waterproof coatings on the market. When choosing waterproof coatings, it is necessary to select waterproof coatings according to the waterproof requirements of different parts. Kitchen and bathroom area is small, through the floor pipeline is also more. It is suggested that waterproof coatings with good cohesiveness and elasticity should be selected when selecting waterproof coatings.

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