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Tile Adhesive Production, Tile Adhesive Technical Formula, Tile Adhesive Mixer

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Tile Adhesive Production, Tile Adhesive Technical Formula, Tile Adhesive Mixer


1. Brief Introduction of Zhongqing brand Ceramic Tiles Adhesive

In a new house renovated, the walls of bathroom and kitchen suddenly appear bulging and tiles fall off, which will not only damage furniture, but also bring difficulties of rework, and pose a great threat to the personal safety of family members. Many ceramic tile problems are related to the use of bonding materials. At present, most household decoration still use cement tiles, cement as the main bonding material has played a very important role in the past for a long time, but with the pace of ceramic tile products updating and upgrading is accelerating, the traditional construction of cement bonding has also appeared a variety of drawbacks. As an alternative product of cement mortar tiling, Zhonqing Ceramic Tile Binder has been gradually recognized by people. 

Zhongqing brand ceramic tile adhesives,  are mainly used for adhering ceramic tiles, face tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials, widely used in interior and exterior walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other decorative venues. Its main characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, good aging resistance and easy construction. It is a very ideal ceramic tile bonding material.

2. Characteristic of Zhonqing Ceramic Tile Binder Products

Zhongqing brand Ceramic Tile Binder is a kind of white or grey powder. It is added with the corresponding proportion of polymer additives in cement and dry sand to improve the viscous and constructive properties of the product. When used, only need to add water to mix, Zhongqing binder has good bonding performance, and water resistance, freeze resistance, temperature resistance, and excellent anti-aging performance and water retention. At the same time, it can be adjusted movably within a certain time (10-20 minutes), which is convenient for construction and extremely convenient. They are widely used in indoor and outdoor wall tiles to replace the shortcomings of traditional cement sand materials, such as insufficient viscosity and easy to bulging, so as to increase the life of ceramic tile pasting. Good ceramic tile pasting on the wall with a hammer is not easy to smash.

3. Application Scope of Zhongqing Ceramic Tile Binder

It is suitable for anti-seepage bonding of vitrified brick, cultural stone, marble, mosaic and other bricks, thermal insulation materials, such as pasting extruded board, painting old tiles, wall modification, painting and bonding.


The cost of raw materials is 400-800 RMB per ton, and the market price is 800-1500 RMB. The profit is considerable.

Workshop: More than 50 square meters can be used according to demand

Electricity: 380V industrial three-phase electricity

Manpower: 2-3 people can produce 

Equipment: 16,000 RMB

Liquidity: 50-100,000 RMB

A8 new automatic ceramic tile binder mixer, U-shaped mixing drum, inner and outer two-layer screw belt mixing, rolling mixing on both sides, no block on the wall, no dead angle, fast mixing speed, high uniformity; equipped with spiral feeding conveyor, the feeding port is level with the ground, and the feeding is convenient. The machine runs smoothly, has low noise, long service life and easy installation. It is widely used for mixing various powder materials, such as ceramic tile binder, environmental protection building glue powder, dry powder putty powder, plaster, diatom mud, ceramic tile binder, thermal insulation mortar, bonding mortar, plastering mortar and so on. In order to facilitate the packaging of finished products, the dry powder mixer adds electric discharging device and computerized metering device on the basis of manual discharging, with fast discharging speed, high metering accuracy, which can be operated by 1-2 persons, eliminating the trouble of weighing and sealing packaging, saving man-hour, capacity of 1000, 2000, 3000 and other different models, with output of 16-60 tons per day and annual output of 5000 tons. Different from 30,000 tons, the production has been greatly increased in limited working hours, which is economical and practical. The products are sold well in more than 20 provinces and municipalities all over the country. In addition, stainless steel can be used in the production of various dry powder food raw materials.

5. Technical Support of Tile Binder of Zhongqing Brand

In 2017, Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. will provide a series of product guidance and services, such as ceramic tile binder, dry mortar, emulsion paint, waterproof paint, texture paint, art paint, etc. From product formulation training, raw material ordering, production process, construction technology, etc., the company's customers with business license can train the technical formulation of preferred brand ceramic tile glue free of charge, such as individuals. Come to our company to study, each product training fee is 3000 yuan, until learning, and provide relevant product information tracking and guidance. If you buy our company's equipment, you can train the related technical formula of the ceramic tile binder of Zhongqing Brand free of charge.

6. Zhongqing Brand Ceramic Tile Binder Trademark Authorization Service:

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. provides "Zhongqing" brand ceramic tile binder trademark authorization service. Each City authorizes the use of a trademark. The annual use fee is 1000-3000 yuan irregular. It also provides Zhongqing brand ceramic tile binder detection report and a copy of the award-winning certificate.

7. Relevant Matching

Details of raw material manufacturer, production and sales of Zhongqing Ceramic Tile Binder can be specifically consulted with Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Tile glue:

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