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What is shellfish powder? How about shell powder coat?

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What is wall shellfish powder? How about shell powder paint?

What is shellfish powder?
Shell powder coating is made from natural shell powder by grinding, high temperature firing and special technology. It does not add any harmful substances. It not only does not emit harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC (volatile organic compounds), but also has the function of adsorbing and decomposing these harmful gases. For people with chemical allergies, such as asthma, pollinosis, children, pregnant women, the elderly are the most suitable natural materials. For the staff working in the office and the students studying in the school, the air quality of indoor S environment determines the efficiency of work, study and health. Using this kind of shell powder bio-paint is an excellent choice to improve the office and learning environment.

With the popularization of shell powder coating technology, the application field is more and more extensive. Shell powder has gradually expanded from the initial beauty industry and food additives to the decoration field. Compared with diatom mud, shellfish powder ecological coating also has the natural characteristics of green and environmental protection. It is not inferior in fire retardant, air humidity regulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, antistatic, antimicrobial and bacteriostasis. Its adsorption performance is almost the same as diatom mud, but its proportion is smaller, so its construction performance is better and its visual effect is more soft.

How about shellfish powder?
Elimination of odor function
Calcium compounds are mostly used as deodorants in daily life, so shellfish powder can effectively remove indoor smoke, infants, patients, pets, fungi and indoor odors, especially carbon monoxide and floating dust emitted by smoke in the indoor.

Antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects
Shell powder film after special firing has strong antimicrobial and bactericidal effects on Escherichia coli, Salmonella and glucose-yellow bacteria. It not only has high performance of antimicrobial, but also has the function of anti-corrosion and anti-tick.
Antistatic function
Shell powder coatings are made of natural multi-micro-structure porous shells which have been specially treated. Its composition is 100% calcium, so it has good anti-static performance.
Unique “Water Breathing” Function of Air Humidity Regulation
The calcined LTS shell powder has high strength and porous structure, so it has good water breathing function. The wall surface does not dew at low pressure and high humidity, but in dry condition, the water stored in the wall can be released slowly. Therefore, its respiratory function is an indoor humidity regulator to prevent dew and microorganisms, so it is known as “breathing” paint.

Shell powder production equipment
A8 Fully Automatic Shell Powder Mixer (automatic metering weighing): New Fully Automatic Dry Powder Computer Metering (Error (+0.1) Mixer was developed by Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. It is widely used in the production of various dry powder coatings and so on. It can be operated by 1-2 persons, eliminating weighing trouble, saving working hours, producing 16-60 tons per day, and achieving a substantial increase in output in limited working hours. Upgraded, economical and practical.

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