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Daily Maintenance Knowledge of Lifting High Speed Disperser

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Daily Maintenance Knowledge of Lifting High Speed Disperser 


Operating regulation of disperser


I. Preparations for the start-up of the lifting high-speed disperser


1. Check whether the oil level of the disperser is added to the prescribed position. The lower oil level should be added to the prescribed oil level, and the higher oil level should be adjusted to the prescribed position.


2. Check whether the triangle belt is tightened properly.


3. Hand-driven impeller should rotate flexibly without friction.


4. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether there is leakage in the sealing parts.




5. Turn on the main motor of the high-speed disperser and check whether the direction of agitation is the same as that specified by the equipment.


6. Start machine only after confirming all above inspection work is correct.


II.  Start machine


1. Put the impeller in the center of the tank and press the drop button to the lowest or required position.


2. Two handles must be locked before start machine.


3. Turn on the main motor and press the button according to the operation speed.


4. During the operation of high-speed disperser, attention should be paid to the current situation. If overload operation is found, the reason should be checked by stopping machine, and continue to run disperser after taking measures.




III.  Stop machine


1. Stop the main motor first, so that all impellers stop rotating.


2. Open the “UP” button to make the main shaft impeller rise above the tank and clean the impeller.



IIII. Daily maintenance of high-speed disperser:


1. The triangular belt should be equal in length, put into the transmission box, tighten properly, tighten the slide bolt and cover the upper cover.


2. If the equipment is not used for long-term parking, it must cut off the power supply, clean all the parts, inject oil into the lubricating parts, and coat the spindle and cylinder with oil to prevent rust.


3. The oil tank is filled with 46 # hydraulic oil every six months, and clean the oil tank . The filter screen is cleaned once a month, and it is cleaned within two or three days after the oil change.


4. The gears, bearings, balls, axles, sleeves and cylinders of the rotating part of the disperser should be oil injected once a week. If overheating or abnormal noise is found in the process of use, it should be checked in time.


5. If parking is caused by the action of thermal relay due to overload, the "reset" button of thermal relay should be pressed to continue operation.


6. The AC contactor is inspected every six months and the equipment is overhauled once a year.


7. Check the fragile parts of high-speed disperser regularly, such as bearings, oil seals and so on, and replace them immediately when wear and tear is found.


8. Every day, we must check the tank of the high-speed disperser and record it carefully.

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