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Granite paint Multicolor Coatings Technology Formulation

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Granite paint Multicolor Coatings Technology Formulation 

Granite paint multicolor coating is a series of products of water-based environmental protection paint system, also known as liquid stone. In order to satisfy the ever-developing market of building exterior wall paint, it was born. Made of high-tech modified resin and stable pigments, water-borne, one-time spraying of colorful granite paint can produce more lifelike and durable color. According to the granite sample provided by the designer, the simulation degree can reach 99%, which is the best product to replace the external wall granite.

Characteristics of granite paint

Marble paint is rich in color, and can provide special color according to the requirements and high simulation. It is not restricted by the designer, and can change shape according to the designer's intention.

Marble paint is a pure water-borne paint, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and is pollution-free during construction. It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, erosion and ultraviolet irradiation, antistatic, high temperature resistance, acid rain resistance, waterproof, crack resistance, high strength, long-term variety of climatic conditions, and its performance remains unchanged. It is easy to maintain and clean. Excellent self-cleaning, multi-color one-time spraying, easy construction, is an excellent water resistance, weather resistance, only coating materials.

Scope of application: Cement wall, stainless steel, metal aluminium plate, plastic, glass, ceramic tile, EPS board, FRP, GRC and other materials.

Development Trend of Waterborne Multicolor Coatings:

With the continuous innovation in the research of waterborne coatings, the development trend of waterborne multicolor coatings is also expanding. The following are four aspects of waterborne multicolor coatings:

(1) With the development of science and technology, China has vigorously carried out research on waterborne multicolor coatings, devoted to the development of non-toxic and odorless waterborne multicolor coatings. In view of the shortcomings of toxic aromatic solvents in waterborne multicolor coatings, we have adopted the method of removing them and replacing them with other substitutes to minimize the risk of waterborne multicolor coatings and basically maintain the quality of waterborne multicolor coatings.

(2) The high gloss, waterproofing, alkali resistance, scrubbing resistance, strong adhesion, air permeability and other characteristics of waterborne multicolor coatings will be maintained. And actively study the weatherability of waterborne multi-color coatings, and actively expand the scope of its use, such as building exterior walls or protective film of metal articles.

(3) Nowadays, waterborne multicolor coatings are usually constructed by spraying, so that they can be applied in many ways. Brushing or rolling can be used to overcome the limitations of complex decorative spraying in home decoration, and can also be carried out smoothly in high-rise operations.

(4) In order to adapt to the more and more rapid social development trend, we should actively develop various functions of waterborne multicolor coatings, such as weatherproof, high flame-retardant and mildew-proof in waterborne multicolor coatings.

Granite paint formula is free and open, and free training is provided.

1. Preparation of protective glue (7%)

    1 Water 930 Dispersion Medium

    2 Protective glue Powder 70

    3 Water separator 1-1.5

2. Preparation of toner base paint

   1 Water 500 Dispersion Medium

   2 Dispersant 2  dissociation Powder

   3 defoamer 3 to eliminate bubbles

   4 Titanium Powder 0-10 Enhances Covering Power

   5 Kaolin 30-100

   6 cellulose (30,000)12

   7 Multifunctional Additive 2 Controls HP Value

   8 bactericide and preservative 3 inhibits bacteria

   9 Film Forming Auxiliaries 15 Plasticize and Coagulate

   10 emulsion 300

   11 defoamer 2 eliminates bubbles

   12 protective glue (7%) 80-100

3. Preparing Continuous Phase (Encapsulating Lubricating Oil)

   1 emulsion 500

   2 Water 430 Dispersion Medium

   3 Ethylene Glycol 15 Slow-drying and Freeze-proof

   4 Reduction of Film Forming Temperature by 4 Film Forming Auxiliaries 25

   5 Multifunctional Additive 3 Regulates HP Value

   6 Appropriate amount of 6 thickener TT-9355-8

   7 bactericide and preservative 2 inhibits bacteria

Main technical indicators:

Appearance: Uniform viscous liquid containing color particles.

Ingredients: microgel color particles, emulsion and other auxiliaries.

Gloss: Flat and shiny.

Colors: Various colors, according to customer requirements of the relevant colors.

Weight Solid Component: > 50%

Paint quantity: The theoretical value is 1.25-2.5_/Kg/time, and the actual amount of paint consumption will vary due to the factors such as construction method, construction environment and so on.

Drying time (temperature 25 C, relative humidity 50%): surface drying: <4 hours; re-coating time at least 24 hours apart.

Matters needing attention:

1. Treat the surface strictly according to the treatment method of the base material, and keep the sufficient maintenance time of the wall.

2. It is suggested to use other products matched by our company to ensure the quality of construction.

3. Other organic solvents should not be mixed into the paint in order to avoid damaging the paint composition.

4. Ensure a good ventilation environment during use and drying.

5. Used tools should be cleaned immediately with soap and warm water. It is not allowed to reuse lacquer appliances with different types and properties. It is necessary to clean up the residues and thoroughly clean them before using them.

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