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Common Problems in the Use of Putty Powder

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Putty powder 12 questions!

What are the advantages of water-resistant putty?

(1) Strong adhesion, high bonding strength, a certain degree of toughness, good air permeability.

(2) There will be no pulverization after dampness, and it has strong water resistance.

(3) Use water-resistant putty, the wall surface will not crack, peel and fall off.

(4) Use water-resistant putty, the wall feel delicate, soft, good texture.

(5) Use water-resistant putty, the wall can be cleaned or painted directly. It can also improve the performance and service life of the coating.

(6) When painting the interior wall again, it is not necessary to eradicate the wall surface, but to paint the interior wall directly.

(7) Water-resistant putty is an environmentally friendly material, which does not pollute indoor air.

In the process of decoration, When and how to use putty?

Before painting wall, first scrap putty, then primer, and then paint.

How is putty scraping stipulated in the quota?

Batch scraping putty has no corresponding quota, is a process, generally included in the painting project.

Can external wall putty be used indoors?

Exterior wall putty can be used indoors, but interior wall putty is better.

What is the phenomenon of insufficient glue in putty?

Lack of putty glue, the most direct manifestation is that the putty layer is loose, the surface is powdered, the amount of paint used in painting is large, the leveling is poor, the surface after film formation is rough, it is difficult to form a compact paint film. Shortly after the user moves to a new house, the wall will appear such phenomena as paint film peeling, blistering, falling off, cracking and so on, which will destroy the beautiful home that the user has painstakingly constructed. If users want to change the status quo, they must eradicate all the inferior putty without leaving any residue. Then, they should buy qualified putty and latex paint and repeat all the construction procedures before moving to their new residence. In this way, users will not only suffer huge economic losses, but also face the embarrassment of how to deal with the furniture and other decorative materials that have already been installed in the interior.

Why does putty drop powder?

The main reason is that the base wall is too dry, the water absorption is too strong, the putty wall can not be normal hydration curing, resulting in surface powdering. This requires wetting with a rolling brush and putty.

Reason causes of peeling of water-resistant putty?

(1) Base strength is too low, pulverization or peeling, resulting in surface putty empty hollow, or even peeling.
(2) Base wall surface is not cleaned, floating soil or other debris lead to water-resistant putty can not normally adhere.
(3) The improper maintenance of cement and demoulding of base course result in the decrease of adhesion on cement surface and the failure of normal adhesion of water-resistant putty.

Under what conditions are cracks prone to occur in water-resistant putty?

(1) The putty cracks during the curing period due to the excessive thickness of single scraping.
(2) Construction under high temperature environment.
(3) Construction in a dry and windy environment.
(4) Construction under low temperature environment.

What are the factors causing foaming of water-resistant putty?

(1) Base cement curing period has not passed, the alkalinity is too high, leading to putty layer in the curing period alkalinity is high, leaving foaming marks after drying.
(2) The base wall is too dry and the speed of scraping is too fast, which causes the putty layer to compress the air to produce air blister. Repeated scraping can be solved several times.

How does putty empty hollow come into being?

1) The improper treatment of the base makes the putty layer not contact with the base closely enough to form a sandwich.
(2) There is a dense layer between the base and putty layer, which prevents the normal diffusion of air to the base.

What causes the yellowing of water-resistant putty?

(1) The putty film yellows due to the simultaneous application of polyester paint or demoulding agent.
(2) Oil or other grease contaminants in the base, which are not cleaned up, cause putty membranes to turn yellow.
(3) Putty membranes are contaminated by rust or other non-ferrous substances, which may cause putty membranes to turn yellow.
(4) The temperature is too low (below 5 ℃ ).

How to use waterproof putty to treat wall?

step 1 is to remove the original wall to the base.
step 2 is to repair the original wall. After adding mesh belt or kraft paper to cracked and empty areas, use water-resistant putty to fill the wall.
step 3, polish wall by sandpaper,clean up the floating dust, and brush with the top paint directly.

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