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1. Putty Powder Technology (Engineering Putty Powder, Neutral Putty Powder, Water Resistant Putty, Crack Resistant Putty Powder, Tile Renovation Putty Powder, etc.)

2. Exterior and interior wall emulsion paint (low cost engineering emulsion paint, lotus leaf hydrophobic paint, odorless emulsion paint, mercerizing paint, elastic paint, exterior wall emulsion paint, etc.)

3. Real stone lacquer (putty powder for real stone lacquer, black sealing primer, high, middle and low grade real stone lacquer topcoat), and provide the matching of real stone lacquer color card and color matching data.

4. Ceramic tile adhesive (engineering ceramic tile adhesive, vitrified tile binder, quick setting ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic tile gum backing, etc.)

5. Popular waterproofing in the market (including powder and liquid, JS waterproofing, universal, international, flexible, liquid roll, waterborne polyurethane waterproofing, etc.)

6. Plastering gypsum (bottom plastering gypsum, surface plastering gypsum, all purpose plastering gypsum, light plastering gypsum)

7. Leak stoppage king (quick-setting type), leak stoppage, water leak-proof

8. Energy-saving Coatings with Non-thermal Reflection and Heat Insulation

9. Mortar King and Liquid Mortar King, Mortar Plasticizer, Rock Mortar Crystal

10. Sealant (including color matching data)

11. Self-leveling cement, mortar (surface layer, base layer), self-leveling interface agent

12. Waterborne Colored Tile Paint and Waterborne Metal Paint

13. Glassed bead insulation mortar, plastering mortar and bonding mortar

14. Diatom Mud Technology and Shell Powder Coatings

15. Granite paint, Imitation stone paint, rock paint

16. Wall curing agent and ground curing agent

Above training are all finish in laboratory, no raw materials controlling, providing brand authorization, packaging, testing reports.  All life free technical guidance after training. At the same time, we also provides door-to-door service to build factories.

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