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Dry-mixed Gypsum Plaster Mixer

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Dry-mixed Gypsum Plaster

Compared with traditional materials, plastering gypsum has unique advantages:

1. Strong adhesion.

Plaster gypsum and all kinds of wall base materials (clay brick, cement block, aerated concrete, fly ash brick, gypsum block, cast-in-situ concrete, roof, etc.) can be well bonded, plastering without any interface agent, plastering directly, once finish done, plastering wall surface will not appear hollowing, cracking phenomenon.

2. Surface decoration:

Painting gypsum wall surface is fine and smooth without ash, high strength, no shrinkage, elegant appearance, no odor, no alkali, no cracks.

3. Fire resistance:

When the thickness of gypsum plaster is 20mm, the fire resistance can reach more than 2 hours.

4. Thermal insulation:

The thermal conductivity of gypsum products is small, about 25% of the thermal conductivity of cement concrete products and 30% of clay bricks.

5. Save time and cost.

The plastering gypsum layer has the advantages of fast setting and hardening, short curing period, complete hardening and strength up to standard in 5-7 days, which can greatly improve work efficiency and speed up the progress of follow-up projects. Compared with cement mortar, the plastering gypsum layer can advance the construction period by 1-2 months.

6. Construction convenience:

The gypsum plastering has the characteristics of easy plastering, easy scraping, easy repairing, low labor intensity, less material consumption, and winter construction is not affected by the temperature drop to nearly 0℃.

Xinyang Shenghua Provide powder mixing equipment, the machine is U shaped horizontal, the mixing speed is fast, the uniformity of material movement is high, the mixing time is short and the output is high. One machine can be used for many purposes, it can be used to produce thermal insulation mortar. Dry powder, such as gypsum, diatomite mud, etc., low maintenance rate, convenient maintenance, bearing at both ends of the mixer, material is not easy to enter; small area, automatic feeding conveyor, improve work efficiency; U-shaped cylinder structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life, wide application range; fully automatic micro-computer control.

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