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Shenghua Business introduction

After nearly 20 years of development, Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in coatings, waterproofing, mortar factory building services in technical training, production equipment, brand, packaging, etc.

1. Machinery Manufactory specializes in producing coating equipment.  

2. RIRIXIN paint brand operation and technology training center.

3. interior and exterior putty powder, mortar building glue powder production.

4. Foshan paint production base.

In order to better serve all friends and customer, we welcome exchanges, visits and cooperation. Now we have a brief business introduction for each department.

I.     Machinery manufacturing the following mixers for paint factories:

1. A8 Fully Automatic Putty Powder Mixer (1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons and large units with daily output of over 200 tons)

2. A8 ceramic tile adhesive mixer (daily output 10-100 tons)

3. Q7 nature stone lacquer mixer (1 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons).

4. GD2-1500 type putty paste mixer (can produce all kinds of thick coatings, imitation porcelain toughened putty paste paint)

5. Z-1000 high-speed dispersing machine (latex paint, wall solid, ground adhesive, K11, JS waterproof).

6. River sand dryer (3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons per hour; can burn firewood, coal and gas).

7. Stainless steel building glue special equipment (electric heating)

8. K11, JS waterproof coating mixer equipment.

9. ATC type insulation mortar production unit (production of plaster mortar, bonding mortar and other mortar).

10. Pulse dust collector (24 bags and above) and other supporting services!

II.    Coatings, adhesives and waterproofing training centers can train the following market-mature popular technical formulas

1. Technical training of RIRIXIN putty powder (821 engineering putty powder, water-resistant putty powder for inner wall, crack-resistant putty powder for outer wall and putty powder for ceramic tile renovation)

2. RIRIXIN latex paint (internal and external walls, high and low grade latex paint) technical training

3. RIRIXIN natural stone paint (high and low grade real stone paint, black primer, top coat, color) technical training.

4. Gypsum plaster (bottom plaster, surface plaster, lightweight plaster) technical training.

5. RIRIXIN training of new water in water technology and water bag sand technology

6. K11, JS color waterproof coating technical training

7. Zhongqing ceramic tile adhesive technology training

8. RIRIXIN diatom mud technology training (waterproof diatom mud, ordinary diatom mud) 

9. Other matching technical training materials on the market

III.    Zhoneqing glue powder for paint, putty and mortar

1. Zhongqing brand nano-modified 901 additive (high-grade dry putty powder for interior and exterior walls universal, adding 3 kg per ton);

2. 903 (bonded mortar, plaster mortar, ceramic tile renovating putty adhesive special type)

3. 808 (building glue, imitation porcelain coating, neutral engineering putty special type)

The products sell well all over the country, and we are looking for agents to join. The samples are sent free to the paint factories.

IIII.    The main products of Foshan coating production base are:

1. Gold and silver sand series 2. fair-faced concrete series 3. amphibole series 4, birch series 5, terrazzo series 6, velvet series 7, Venice gypsum series 8, thousand velvet series 9, rust copper rust series and other supporting series of art coatings products, all products are available in stock, starting from  one barrel.

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