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How much is the wall putty making machine?

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How much is the wall putty making machine?

How much is the wall putty making machine?  Which company is the cheapest? Why does the equipment looks the same but price different? Believe that many friends want to know the answer urgently, after all, this is closely related to our interests! Xinyang Shenghua Chemical tell you the truth, what are the following simple aspects. In this way, we can choose the putty powder mixer reasonably.

First, the price of putty powder mixer is different because different models can mix the different volume of materials, tonnage difference caused price difference, generally large tonnage with higher price.


Secondly, putty powder mixer configuration is different, there are ordinary manual discharging and feeding, electric discharging computer measurement, small combination of units, and large unit of one-button operation.


Moreover, there is a certain price difference between the agent and manufacturer.

Finally, Nowadays steel, castings, electromechanical, labour, workshop, electronic accessories, service costs are rising, some people say that the machine is still very cheap, we can understand where to save, from the cost of materials on the machine, from the cost of service reduce, may indeed save, but later customer users will pay high costs, manufacturers can not find, spare parts can not buy.  There is an old Chinese saying, "the High Quality the High Price". 

Therefore, putty powder mixer price different is caused by many factors, users want to buy the appropriate equipment need to pay attention to observe the manufacturer's operating time, professional level, supporting services between the difference and authenticity.  

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer produce coating machinery from 2005. It has been managed in coating, waterproofing, mortar professional services for 13 years.  Our company has a number of professional engineer in the field of paint machinery, developed on May 1, 2012 A8  putty powder computer metering mixer, which solve a series of old machine problems.

As a new type of professional powder mixing equipment, this machine has won great praise in the market at present, especially after the improvement of the principle from vertical mixing to horizontal mixing, the mixing speed is fast, uniformity high, the mixing time is short and the output is high. Can produce all kinds of dry powder, such as plaster gypsum, diatom mud, etc; low maintenance rate, bearing at both ends of the mixer and material is not easy to enter; small footprint, automatic feeding device, improve work efficiency; U-shaped cylinder structure, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, wide range of application; automatic microcomputer control, automatic weighing and packaging.

Xinyang Shenghua reminds users that when purchasing Putty Powder Mixer, we must ensure the quality of the equipment and consider the price. At the same time, we must choose a professional manufacturer, so as to be aftersales effectively protect.  Welcome to visit!   call us any time, look forward to cooperating with you! For details, please contact: 0086 15757316908    www.shenghuachem.com 

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