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wall putty, emulsion paint, dry mortar, real stone paint factory investment guidance

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Paint factory investment guidance

At present, there are many investment products in the paint industry. If you invest in a paint factory, you can choose several products with wide use. The production process is simple and the benefit is good. What are these products?
1. "RIRIXIN" putty powder products.
This is undoubtedly the simplest, entry-level products of the paint industry, but also the largest amount of paint products, whether it is the interior or exterior walls, are essential to use it, a large amount of sales, is the preferred. How much does it cost to invest in a putty factory? 50,000 RMB, you are correct, with 50,000 RMB, you can invest in a small-scale putty powder production plant, plant about 100 square meters, mixer equipment can choose Xinyang Shenghua A8-1000 automatic weighing putty powder mixer (daily output 10-15 tons), 380V industrial electricity, 1-2 workers operation.
wall putty making machine
dry powder mixer

2. "RIRIXIN" Emulsion paint products
In home decoration, emulsion paint products with its smooth and delicate surface, scrubbing resistance, long service life, green and environmental protection features quickly occupied the paint market, but also has been decorated elegant, gorgeous, colorful and so on by the majority of owners.  For investors, emulsion paint is also a relatively profitable product, the cost of the product is relatively high, the investment of 80-100,000 RMB, the plant area about 100 square meters, mixer equipment select Xinyang Shenghua Z-1000 high-speed disperser emulsion paint (hydraulic lift, frequency conversion speed), 380V industrial power, 2-3 workers operation. 
high speed disperser
emulsion paint mixer
3. "Lida" dry mortar products.
Mortar products are mostly used in engineering. Because of the stricter and stricter requirements for the quality of the external walls of houses, thermal insulation of walls has become an important part of building energy saving. Mortar products are subdivided into external wall insulation mortar, bonded mortar, plastering mortar and so on. Demand has risen steadily and investment prospects are good. Specific investment amount can be 50-80,000 RMB, plant requirements of 100-200 square meters, mixer equipment select Xinyang Shenghua ATC-1000 dry mortar mixer equipment (production line, high output), 380V industrial power, 2-3 workers operation. 
wall putty making machine
dry mortar mixer
4. "RIRIXIN" real stone lacquer products
Real stone paint products originated in the 1990s, mostly used for exterior wall decoration, with strong adhesion, good stain resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, is very popular, due to the high production costs, gradually replaced by wall brick and exterior wall emulsion paint products. Now the state has banned brick pasting on high-rise exterior walls. The life of exterior wall emulsion paint is shorter. Real stone paint products are back to the market. The market price of raw materials tends to be stable. Real stone paint occupies the vast market of paint industry with its practicability. The investment prospect is huge. Specific investment in about 80-100,000 RMB, plant 100-200 square meter, mixer equipment can choose Xinyang Shenghua Q7-5000 stainless steel real stone paint mixer (electric conversion), 380 industrial power, 3-5 people operate. 
natural stone lacquer mixer
real stone paint mixer
Other products, such as tile glue, plaster gypsum, putty paste, K11 waterproof, leak plugging, fast adhesive powder and other ancillary products can also be slowly increased!
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