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Training emulsion paint technical formula

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Emulsion paint is a water dispersible coating. It is made of synthetic resin emulsion, which is made from various additives after grinding and dispersion. Emulsion paint has many advantages different from traditional wall coatings, such as easy brushing, rapid drying, film water resistance, good scrubbing resistance, etc. In our country, people usually use synthetic resin emulsion as the base material, water as the dispersing medium, and pigment, filler (also known as body pigment) and auxiliaries. The coating made by certain process is called emulsion paint, also known as latex paint.

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Our technical formula training including:

1、Emulsion paint(economic paint, engineering paint, interior wall odorless paint, bamboo charcoal paint and other popular products).

2、Natural Real Stone Paint (low to senior grade, including color matching)

3、Diatom mud production technology and construction process

4、Floor tile adhensive production and construction process

5、K11 water proof and JS water proof

6、Water-based stone like paint

7、Glazed micro bead insulation mortar and plaster mortar, adhesive mortar

8、Plastering gypsum

9、Inner and outer wall putty powder

10、Sealant technology

11、Mortar king and liquid mortar King technology

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