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Training technical formula of plaster gypsum

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1. Brief description of gypsum plaster

Plaster gypsum is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastering material for building interior wall and roof, which is made of gypsum as the main cementing material, sand and some admixtures and special compound additives. It mainly replace cement, lime mortar and other plastering materials, and is suitable for all kinds of walls.

As a new type of wall plastering, it overcomes the unavoidable shortcomings of traditional plastering materials, such as large drying shrinkage, poor adhesion, shrinkage, cracking, hollowing and so on. Compared with cement mortar and mixed mortar, it has good workability, fluidity and water retention performance, and wall surface is dense, smooth and delicate. The product is suitable for low temperature (0 degree) construction and can be adhered to any substrate without being subject to thickness limitation.

2.  The advantages of plastering gypsum

Compared with traditional materials, plastering gypsum has unique advantages:

A. Strong adhesion:  

Plaster gypsum and various wall basement material (clay brick, cement block, aerated concrete, fly ash brick, gypsum block, cast-in-situ concrete, roof, etc.) can be well bonded, plastering without any interface agent, direct plastering, the wall will not appear empty, cracking phenomenon.

B. Surface decoration:

Plastered gypsum wall surface is fine and smooth without ash, high strength, no shrinkage, elegant appearance, no odor, no return to alkali, no cracks.

C. Fire resistance:

When the thickness of plastering plaster is 20mm, the fire resistance can reach more than 2 hours.

D. Thermal insulation:

The thermal conductivity of gypsum products is small, about 25% of the thermal conductivity of cement concrete products and 30% of clay bricks.

E. Save time and cost.:

The setting and hardening of plaster layer is fast, and the curing period is short. The whole process of hardening and strength reaching the standard is completed in 5-7 days. It can greatly improve work efficiency and speed up the follow-up project progress. Compared with cement mortar, it can advance the construction period of 1-2 months.

F. Construction convenience:

The plastering construction is easy plastering, easy scraping, easy repairing, low labor, less material consumption, and the winter construction is not affected by the temperature dropping close to 0 ℃.

G. Sound insulation performance:

Plaster gypsum in the condensation process, the internal produce of small pores, so can attenuate the pressure, but also prevent the transmission of sound energy, with good sound insulation performance. 

H. Respiratory function:

During the hardening process of plaster gypsum, numerous tiny honeycomb-shaped breathing holes are formed. When the indoor environment humidity is high, the breathing holes absorb moisture automatically; under the opposite conditions, the water reserve can be released automatically.

I. Health and health:

Gypsum has the function of disinfection and antiseptic, and it is difficult for bacteria to survive and spread in gypsum materials decorated rooms. Gypsum plastered rooms are especially suitable for infants and elderly people.

J. Green environmental protection:

Gypsum is known as the 21st century green building materials, edible, widely used as traditional Chinese medicine from ancient times, so act as a good choice for decoration material. 

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