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Teach you construction technology of sand imitation paint

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Teach you construction technology of sand imitation paint

Construction technology

Colorful coatings are now very popular, but the real proficiency may still be a small number, today we have arranged for you the most complete water-based sand colorful coating process, so that you immediately become a colorful expert:

Base cleaning-- Base repair --Scrap putty twice ---Brush alkali-resistant primer-- (dividing line) --Brush primer twice-- Spray waterborne multi-color paint-- Spray cover paint-- Cleaning, repair


Environmental protection

1. Before construction inspection area should be protected.

 2. Make a construction plan to cover the windows, doorsteps, trees and some ground with plastic film.


Base layer inspection and treatment

  1. Check whether there are cracks or hollow on the base wall. Remove the base surface of hollowing, half falling and loose.

  2. old walls such as parts of moldy, blackened, please use old wall treatment agent roller coating again.

  3. use wire brush, sandpaper and so on to remove float, grease and other powder accessories.

  4. if there are more floats on the wall, should be washed with high pressure water guns.  

  5. cracks, hollow, repair with external wall putty to patch, maintenance 5 - 7days.    

  6. If it is used in the construction of the heat preservation board, the surface of the board should be smooth and without burrs. If there are burrs, it should be sanded with sandpaper.


Base layer scrape

1. Use two-component flexible putty to scrape the treated base layer 1-2 times. The putty should not be too thick every time. The purpose is to smooth the wall.

2. ceramic tile, mosaic wall surface, please use grassroots refurbishing putty.

3. sanding the surface of putty, making it smooth but not slippery.

4. After putty construction is completed,  15 to 20days (23 + 2 c) should be maintained, so that the moisture content of the base is less than 10%, and the pH value is less than 10.

5.    Scrape the flexible smooth glue 2-3 times after the bottom putty meets the requirement.  Each construction interval is 12h (23 + 2 ℃), and dry 24 h (23 + 2 ℃) after completion.


Coating primer

Use a wool roller or spray gun to evenly apply the special closed primer 1-2 times.

V. Full roll coating or spray coating for sand imitation paint.

After finishing, the drying temperature is 6h/23 + 2℃. Evenly apply 1-2 times to coat paint with a woollen drum or spray gun.


Spray coated sand imitated paints

1. Uniform spray with special spray gun. 

2. Dry 24h/23 + 2 ℃ after completion.


Roll coat finish

Uniform roll coating finish 1-2 times.

VIII. Maintain

1. The working time can be 96h/23 + 2 ℃  after completion of the operation.

2. The total film hardening period of the coating is 7d/23 + 2 ℃.



1. One day after the operation is completed, remove the thick protective film.

2. clean up, clean up the relevant parts and the ground.


Matters needing attention

1. Do not stir hard colourful paint.

2. do not mix with other substances.

3. do not add water.

4. after the opening of the paint as soon as possible to run out.

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