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Testing method for adhesion of putty on exterior wall

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Testing method for adhesion of putty on exterior wall

External wall putty adhesion is one of the most important indicators for evaluating putty quality. Many exterior wall coatings fall off, most of which are related to the adhesion of putty on exterior wall. As a construction company, there is no laboratory sophisticated testing equipment, then what methods can be used to detect the adhesion of putty on the exterior wall, so as to pre-judge in advance, to avoid coating shedding problems occur?

Testing methods 1 for putty adhesion

After the batch scraping of putty on the exterior wall is completed, the putty should be kept for more than 12 hours. Scratch test is carried out with nails. If it is easy to scratch, it shows that the strength of putty is not enough, the adhesion of putty is poor, and the paint is easy to fall off.

Testing methods 2 for putty adhesion

Testing methods 3 for putty adhesion

Putty tensile test

Exterior wall putty batch scraping, after 12 hours of static start grinding, grinding finish, remove surface dust, and then use transparent adhesive tape or high viscosity paper paste the surface of the wall putty, force compaction, pull up at speed, if there is no putty dust tape surface, surface putty adhesion good, if the tape dust with putty, indicating poor adhesion, must not be used.

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