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Market Analysis and Investment Guidance of "Not hot in sun" material

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Market Analysis and Investment Guidance of "Not hot in sun" material

1. Introduction of "RIRIXIN" brand "not hot in sun" material

"Not hot in sun" is a newly developed waterproof and thermal insulation material, is a variety of non-metallic materials composed of powder granules, mixing with water can be used. This product has the advantages of compression and wear resistance, high hardness, no seam, no heat absorption, no heat conduction, waterproof and heat insulation,  green environmental protection, convenient construction and long service life. It is used for roof waterproof and insulation, and can also be used for wall waterproof, crack proof and insulation.

2. "RIRIXIN" brand "not hot in sun" material character

This product can be used for roofing waterproof and heat insulation, but also for toilets, kitchens, cisterns and wall waterproof impervious insulation. The product has been tested by the relevant state departments. The surface temperature can be reduced down 25 degrees in summer, and indoor temperature can be reduced down 8-10 degrees, and the -25 to -30 degree freeze-thaw cycle does not crack for 30 times. No cracking, impact strength (> 3.0), steady flow density (> 0.85), heat conduction (> 0.041), no cracking and no peeling after continuous irradiation at 200 degrees for 10 hours.

The product is waterproof once and for all. The condensation time, compressive strength, flexural strength, impermeability pressure, bond strength and heat resistance are all in conformity with the standard, green and environmental protection.

3.  "RIRIXIN" brand "not hot in sun" material application range

Waterproof, impervious and heat preservation for roof, toilet, kitchen, sink and wall.

4. Market Analysis and Investment Guidance

"Not hot in sun" material waterproof impervious coating, anti-leakage, heat insulation, insulation, one-time completion, excellent quality, low price! The challenge is not hot in the summer! It's really not hot!  The investment prospects are huge.

    Major raw materials: cement, nonmetallic materials, organic polymers, etc.

    Site: according to the demand of 50 square or more

    Electricity: 380V industrial three-phase electricity (220V lighting can also be modified to use)

    Manual: 2-3 people 

    Production equipment: 16 thousand RMB 

    Liquidity: 50-100 thousand RMB. 

5. The technical formula and production guidance of "not hot in sun" material.

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. provide a series of product guidance and formula such as dry powder, mortar, emulsion paint, waterproof coating, texture paint, art paint, etc., from product formulation training, raw materials ordering, production technology, construction technology and so on. If buy our equipment, can get free charge training of related technical formula.

6. related supporting

If you are interested in details of the raw materials for "not hot in sun" products, please feel free contact us!

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