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Is it best to spray the real stone paint several times?

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Is it best to spray the real stone paint several times?

In the construction of real stone paint on exterior wall, some of one time spary finish,  some time need twice, then in the end is one time good or two forming good?  Let's discuss with you.

1. One-time forming is not easy to control the thickness of paint, especially for new operater, it is easer to cause construction defects.

2. The construction defects can not be overcome by one-time forming, but the second-time forming can solve the problems caused by the previous process. Some of these defects are caused by the wall, some are caused by paint formulation, when the construction staff do not understand these, molding trouble comes.

3. One-time molding because the amount of paint is too large and surface often not smooth enough, if the paint is thin flow mark will appear. Secondary molding of less paint, fan atomization effect is good, easy to control, molding surface is very flat, after a little polish feel is much better.

4. One-time molding can reduce construction risk and cost. Sometimes, construction result depend on weather, especially in the rainy season in the south, if the wall does not dry, or rain, it may appear under work period. If it is one-time molding, and later found paint whitening , it will be big loss.   If the first time slightly spray, later if the paint not whitening, there will be no big problem.  Even in case of a slight whitening appear, It can be covered in the second time delayed construction period. Even if the construction period is too tight, then the former real stone paint will play a blocking role for the follow-up water, for the second construction drying strive time, and so after the paint surface dry will not be white.

5. One-time or Two-time construction the amount of paint consumption is similiar. Because of one time forming the thickness of the construction is not easy to controll, often spray too thick, two-time construction atomization effect is good, with the precision of paint, and then consider the other benefits of the two construction, the cost in fact to save a lot.

6. According to construction experience, for yellow, red, orange, coffee these colors in particular need to the two time shaping, otherwise it is easy to defected.

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