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Poor adhesion of putty, construction quality is not good? 4 ways to improve !

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Poor adhesion of putty, construction quality is not good? 4 ways to improve !

The adhesion of putty directly affects the final construction quality of the coating. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the construction, we must ensure that the adhesion of the putty must meet the construction requirements. But in a lot of times, we found that the putty adhesive force  is relatively poor.  and at this time, based on the cost of construction time and other factors, replacing putty is not practical, so is there any way to remediate and improve the adhesion?

After wall construction, if found adhesion of the putty is poor. The following 4 ways can be used to improve the adhesion.

1.  Spraying water maintain 

Putty is mainly composed of cement, and cement will increase strength after meet water. Therefore, after wall construction complete, the putty can be maintained by rolling or spraying water methods to improve the adhesion.

2. Transparent osmosis primer

Once found the adhesion of exterior wall putty is poor, do not use coloured anti alkali primer again, but use transparent sealing primer, transparent sealing primer compare to nonferrous primer, the permeability will be better, can strengthen the outer wall putty, and improve the adhesion of putty.

3. Closed primer method

Many projects use primer directly when opens the bucket, but in fact it will seriously affect the permeability of the primer; a reasonable way is to add a proper amount of water to the closed primer so that the primer can penetrate into the base of the putty so as to improve the adhesion of the putty.

4. Light avoidance

Especially in summer, the wall surface temperature of direct sunlight is very high, the primer dry quickly into film after rolling, it can not penetrate into the base of exterior wall very well, it will cause adhesion difference, on the contrary, avoid the wall surface with direct sunlight, the primer is properly added water, let the primer fully infiltrate into the putty base, and can obviously improve putty attachment.

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