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Dry powder mortar classification

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Dry powder mortar classification 

1. Definition of premixed mortar

ready-mixed mortar

Wet mix mortar or dry mixed mortar produced by professional production plants.

wet-mixed mortar

Cement, fine aggregate, mineral admixture, admixture, additive and water after metering are mixed in a mixing station in a certain proportion,  and then transported to the use site and used in a specified time. 

dry-mixed mortar

Cement, dry aggregate or powder, additives, and other components, metering according to a certain proportion,   mixing in the professional production plant.   and transport to construction place and mixing with water. 

2. Classification of premixed mortar

Cement dry mixed mortar: ceramic tile binder, wear-resistant floor mortar, interface mortar, polymer cement waterproof mortar, self leveling mortar, grouting material, external insulation adhesive and plaster mortar, sealant, decorative mortar, mending mortar, colored mortar and so on

Plaster base: plastering gypsum, bonded gypsum, gypsum based self leveling mortar

Classification by use function

Masonry mortar: masonry mortar

Plastering mortar: General plastering mortar, thin layer plastering mortar (external thermal insulation plaster mortar), putty (internal and external wall), 

plastering gypsum.

Ground type mortar: generally require ground mortar, self leveling mortar (cement base, gypsum base), wear-resisting floor mortar, grouting mortar.

Bonded mortar: ceramic tile bonded mortar, interface treatment mortar, external thermal insulation adhesive mortar, bonded gypsum.

Thermal insulation mortar: glue powder polystyrene particle mortar, inorganic aggregate thermal insulation mortar

Others: waterproof mortar, repair mortar, sealant, decorative mortar.

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