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Cause of motor non rotating of wall putty mixer

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Cause of motor non rotating of wall putty mixer

At present, our building industry is becoming more and more modern, more and more mechanized, the emergence of mechanized equipment is also rapidly developed  in our country. The putty powder mixer makes our construction more convenient, the putty powder mixer is replaced manually, and the output of putty powder has been greatly improved and accelerated. But after all, the putty mixer is also a machine, and machine failure is inevitable, for example, the putty powder mixer motor does not rotate, what caused this?

1. When the motor of the putty mixer does not rotate, we should see whether the voltage is too low, because the putty mixer is run by electric power. If the voltage is too low, the putty mixer is not driven, the putty mixer requires a three-phase motor, the voltage is higher than that of other machines, so the electric power is required. If the machine does not run, we should first check whether the voltage is low.

2. If the voltage is normal, then check whether there is bad contact with the wire, the wiring column of the motor of the putty mixer, when the temperature is too high, it is easy to oxidize, so that the contact is bad and the contact of the fire line causes the motor not working.

3. The reducer's oil is too little, this problem is also an important reason why the motor does not run, many customers easily ignore this reason, the engine oil in the reducer is not added for a long time, the oil is reduced, and the motor will not run. We only need the oil to be added to the rated capacity, it can be reused.

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