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How to distinguish the good or bad of the real stone paint?

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         How to distinguish the good or bad of the real stone paint?

The quality of the real stone paint is depend on the quality of the emulsion completely. On the other hand, it can be judged by the price of the real stone paint. Basically, the real stone paint between 2 and 3 yuan can not be purchased, the middle grade is about 4 to 9 yuan, and the high grade can reach more than 10 yuan,  and the reason can be separated mainly to see how long life service of the emulsion and the color retention performance of the lacquer are maintained. The real stone paint is expensive due to the emulsion quality. Today, Shenghua Chemical, the manufacturer of real stone paint mixer, teaches you two identification methods of emulsion.


Open the pail to see if the real stone paint is enough moisten. If it looks dry, it is because its emulsion content is not high enough. The price of lacquer depends mainly on the emulsion, and the low price is the vicious competition that the manufacturer reduces the product cost by reducing the emulsion content. But now many factories have noticed this problem, but there are still some factories going to the real stone paint to add water to achieve the effect of water lubrication to deceive the customers.


The surface looks moist, but it does not mean that the emulsion content is enough. You can use your hand to touch and test the viscosity of the real stone paint. First grab some real stone paint in your hand for a moment, then the emulsion will slowly penetrate into your finger, and then wash your hands after the emulsion is dried. Generally good emulsion dry after the formation of a layer of protective film, dry tear can tear a layer of dead skin like a piece of paper, it is not easily clean off by soap, it must be washed by boiling water or steel ball.      Bad emulsion if washed with soap, it will be cleaned easily,  and even worse It can be wiped away by hand or towel.

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