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How to judge the quality of putty powder?

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How to judge the quality of putty powder? 

 Believe that most decoration user concerned problem is the quality of putty powder,  so how to judge the quality of putty powder?  Shenghua Chemical  professional sales putty powder production equipment, the output of putty powder quality is excellent, today here we simply teach you some about the judgment method of the good and bad of putty powder.   The ancient Chinese doctor pay attention to "look, smell, ask, feel", today, we also taught you some putty powder identification "look, smell, ask, feel".


Good putty powder: white and fine, no hard block. Generally, we pay more attention to brand display, including certificates, inspection reports, whether are authoritative and reliable.

Bad putty: rough yellowing and dampness. Generally lack of brand certification, because there is no authentication capability.


Good putty powder: the smell is fresh, and the body feels comfortable.

Bad putty powder: heavy white ash and choking nose.


Ask the brand inspection department, certification organization, design company or friends who have used the putty powder.


1. Hand touch, good putty powder smooth and delicate, save paint. Bad putty powder is rough and waste paint.

2. Spray a little water on the top of the sample and wipe it with your hands. The bad putty powder meets the water and gets full of white powder.

3. Use nail row, good putty powder is not easy to scratch, leaving shallow scratches. The bad putty powder is lightly scratched, leaving a deep scratch.

4. Hand scraping the wall, good putty powder easy to build and polish, have a certain covering power to save material. Bad putty needs a lot of thick scraps.

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