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How many bags of putty powder are needed for 1 square meter wall?

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How many bags of putty powder are needed for 1 square meter wall? 

 During the decoration, people often ask how many square putty powder need to use? Or 1 bag of putty powder can scrape how big square? Today, we talked with you about the calculation method of the approximate amount of putty powder. 


  In fact, there are many factors that affect the amount of putty, such as the type of putty (thickness is different), the construction process will affect the amount of putty powder, but the biggest impact is the flatness of the base surface, and the thickness of the scraping.


If the base surface is uneven, it is recommended to use cement mortar first, first make a rough leveling on the base surface, control the base layer error within 3-5mm, and then use the putty product for fine leveling.


There are two advantages to doing so. The first is to save costs. If the base surface error is big centimeters or more, a large amount of putty will be required, and the cost will be much higher than that of cement sand.      Second, the performance of the putty itself determines that it is not suitable for rough leveling. After a certain thickness is exceeded, cracking may occur on the putty layer.


It is also necessary to control the scratch thickness. For different types of putty, the scraping thickness also has different requirements.


Therefore, we recommend a complete putty scraping process, which should be first to check the flatness of the base surface. If the flatness exceeds 3-5mm, rough leveling with cement sand is first performed, and the flatness is controlled within 3-5mm; The wall bottom putty is finely leveled; finally the interior wall surface putty is used for leveling.

Batch brush area calculation method

Batch brush area = use area × 3 (general batch scraping 2-3 times)


1KG putty powder can be used about 0.8 square area

(According to the type of putty thickness, the smoothness of the wall surface, construction conditions, and the thickness of the putty scraping, there is some error, the data is only for reference!)


Note: If a house scrapes an area of 100 square meters (not the indoor area), it usually takes 2-3 times scrape. About 250 (200-300 squares, median value of about 250 squares) is needed, 250 kilograms/0.8 gives 310 KG, and each bag is 20 kg, and about 16 bags of putty powder are needed. 



The actual amount due to the construction environment, the substrate and the construction process are different, and there will be deviations for reference only.

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