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Putty powder latest formula

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Putty powder latest formula

1. ordinary interior wall putty powder formula
Adhensive powder 2~2.2%, heavy calcium carbonate(or talcum powder) 98%
2. ordinary hard interior wall putty powder formula
Adhesive powder 1.8 to 2.2%, heavy calcium carbonate (or talcum powder) 90 to 60%, plaster gypsum (building plaster, hemihydrate gypsum) 10 to 40%
3. Hard water resistant interior wall putty powder reference formula
Formula 1: adhensive powder 1~1.2%, heavy calcium carbonate 70%, gray calcium powder 30%
Formulation2: adhensive powder 0.8 to 1.2%, heavy calcium carbonate 60%, gray calcium powder 20%, white cement 20%
4. high hard wash resistant cracking external wall putty powder reference formula
Formulation 1: 1.5~1.9% of adhensive powder, 40% of white cement, 30% of heavy calcium carbonat powder, 30% of gray calcium powder, 1~1.5% of anti-cracking additives
Formulation 2: 1.7~1.9% of adhensive powder, 40% of white cement , 40% of heavy calcium carbonate powder, 20% of gray calcium powder, and anti-cracking additives 1~1.5%
Formulation 3: adhensive powder 2 to 2.2%, white cement40%, heavy calcium carbonate powder 20%, gray calcium powder 20%, quartz powder (180# sand) 20%, anti-cracking additives 2 to 3%
Formula 4: adhensive powder 0.6 to 1%, white cement (425#) 40%, gray calcium powder 25%, heavy calcium carbonate powder 35%, anti-crack additive 1.5%
Formula 5: 2.5~2.8% of adhensive powder, 35% of white cement , 30% of heavy calcium carbonate powder, 35% of gray calcium powder, and anti-crack additive 1~1.5%
5. color wall putty powder formula
Colored putty adhensive powder 1~1.5%, white cement 10%, refined gray calcium powder (calcium oxide ≥70%) 15%, anti-cracking additive 2%, bentonite 5%, quartz sand (whiteness ≥85% silicon ≥99% ) 15%, 52% yellow colored jade powder, 0.2% color putty modifier

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