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wall putty mixer automatic weighing

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A8 full automatic weighing putty powder mixer

 Putty powder is a kind of decorative material on the surface of the flat wall. After 2005, it is a kind of thick slurry paint. It is a necessary process before wall paint. Apply to primers or apply directly to objects to remove uneven defects on the surface of the coating. It is made up of a small amount of glue powder, such as "zhongqing" brand building glue powder, auxiliaries and powder. The main filler is calcium carbonate and talcum powder.

  According to the performance, it is mainly divided into water resistant putty, 821 putty, and glue putty.

Water resistant putty refers to the putty that can meet the "N" standard in JG/T298-2010 indoor putty.

821 putty is not a water-resistant putty, only to achieve "JG/T298-2010 indoor putty" in the "Y" standard;

Glue putty is generally divided into two parts, glue and ore powder (such as white powder and talc powder), which are mixed by workers on site, and belong to the elimination of backward practices; but there are still many places used.

 A8 new type computer metering mixer developed by Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. in May 1, 2012. This machine is widely used in dry powder mixing: putty powder, adhesive mortar, plaster mortar, plaster gypsum, diatom mud, texture coating, fast adhesive powder, self leveling mortar and so on.    1-2 people can operate, automatic weighing and packing,  various machine type 1000, 2000, 3000 type, according to the output of a daily output of 16-60 tons of different models,  the annual output from 5000 tons to 30 thousand tons of different production,  in the limited working time to achieve a substantial increase in production,  Economic and practical. In addition, it can made of stainless steel and can be used for various dry food ingredients.


  In order to better serve new and old friends both at home and abroad, people who want to enter the building materials industry can enter the market faster.  we provide  regular training: 

1, Emulsion paint technology (economic paint, engineering paint, interior wall pure flavor paint, bamboo charcoal lacquer and other popular products).

2, stone texture paint  technology (including high and low grade, including color matching).

3, the production technology and construction of diatom mud

4. Production and construction of ceramic tile binder

5, K11 waterproof and JS waterproof

6, water based stone lacquer

7. Glazed hollow bead insulation mortar, plaster mortar, bonding mortar.

8. Plaster of gypsum

9, inner and outer wall putty powder

10, sealant technology

11,  king mortar  technology dry or liquid. 

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