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​investment proposal for the market analysis of "RIRIXIN" brand putty paste

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investment proposal for the market analysis of "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste

1. "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste brief introduction:

"RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste is a decorative material for the surface of wall. It is a paste coating and is an indispensable product before painting. Apply to primers or apply directly to objects to remove uneven defects on the surface of the coating. There are two forms of common putty, one is powdery, the other is paste, and water resistant putty is no exception. In contrast, the paste putty is easy to use and the performance is more easily guaranteed.

2.  "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste product performance:

 "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste construction performance is very good, white and delicate, good solubility with the face paint, can obviously improve the effect of the finish of the paint, construction convenient without water blending can be directly used, high solid content, strong filling, can save latex paint consumption.

3.  the use range of  "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste

 "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste is suitable for concrete wall, GRC board, ceramsite board, cement board and air adding block, and the base treatment of wallboard and roof in various wet environments. It is also suitable for kitchen, toilet, bathroom, basement wall and roof, and also used for exterior wall, balcony and high temperature occasions and basement. Underground garage and other places often have water. The base material can be concrete, cement mortar, cement pressure plate, gypsum board and so on.

4. "RIRIXIN" brand spackling paste Market Analysis and investment guidance

Venue: according to the demand, more than 50 square meters       Eletric power: 380V industrial three-phase power.

Artificial:  2-3 people can produce                                                      Equipment:  2000USD-3000USD(EXW price)

Liquidity:  8000-10000 USD

Equipment introduction: automatic feeding mixer specializes in the mixing of spackling paste and thick coating. It has two times of high speed dispersion, automatic feeding, high stirring efficiency (half an hour completely stirring), good agitation, small area, 1 people can operate and many other advantages, and the daily output (8 hours) 10-20 tons.

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Spackling paste:

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