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Paint Construction Knowledge in hot Summer

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Paint Construction Knowledge in hot Summer

The temperature is increasing day by day, the burning sun bake the surface, and the wall painting is also a lot of difficulty. Today, we will talk about the summer paint construction should pay attention to what?

1. the influence of temperature and humidity

The weather in summer is relatively changeable, sometimes sultry and dry, sometimes rainy and humid. The construction of coatings has certain requirements for temperature and humidity, so the weather changes in summer will have a great influence on the construction of coatings.

The drying and conjunctival effect of the coating depends on the temperature and humidity, and the different types of coatings have the best film forming conditions. Usually, the solvent coating should be constructed at 5~30 C, and the water emulsion coating should be constructed at the temperature of 10~35 C. The overheated weather in summer will make the coatings dry too fast and affect the durability of the coatings.

Besides high temperature and high humidity in summer, especially in the south, humidity is also important for coating construction. Generally speaking, the best humidity for coating construction is 60%~70%. Low humidity is conducive to coating film, but if the humidity is too low, it will also lead to solvent based coating solvent evaporation too fast, water emulsion paint drying too fast, so that the conjunctiva is not complete, affecting the wall effect.

2. the influence of the sun and the typhoon

In summer, the sunlight is strong and the surface temperature of the base surface is too high for a long time. It will lead to the excessive evaporation of water or solvent, which causes the film forming effect is not ideal, which affects the quality of the coating.

And the summer is the typhoon season, the wind will accelerate the evaporation of water, will also dust, influence the film forming effect and wall cleanliness, bad coating conditions will make the coating engineering discounted.

3.  ensure that the wall is dry

In summer, the humidity in the air is large, so before construction, the construction personnel must ensure that the base of the wall is completely dried to carry out the next step. If the walls do not dry, it will easily cause skin shits and dry cracks.

4. the storage conditions of the paint in summer

The temperature is high in summer, if the preservation is not proper, the performance of the coating will be changed easily. Therefore, the summer paint should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, and the storage container must be better sealed. It is suggested that the paint purchased will be used in the period of validity.

5.  avoid insolation after completion of the wall

The temperature is higher in summer and the sunshine is fierce. If the wall after painting is often exposed to sunlight, it will easily cause the wall to fall off and the white walls will turn yellow. In addition, insolation will also cause the wall to heat up. When the wall temperature drops after painting, the paint will crack. Therefore, try to avoid painting the wall after being exposed to sun.

6. Prolong the dry time of putty

First, brush the wall with putty, usually need to scrape 1-3 times, the normal dry time is 1-2 days. During summer decoration, putty can be dried in reasonable time. Make sure that the performance of the putty is full. 

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