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Putty shedding, off powder, it should be treated so!

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Putty shedding, off powder, it should be treated so!

The process of scraping putty is foundation engineering, which affects the subsequent construction. If there is a problem with putty, it is very painful.

Shedding of putty

The phenomenon:    the bonding strength between the putty and the base is poor, and it falls off the grass roots directly.


1. the old wall is very smooth(such as toughened putty, polyurethane and other oil paints),   the bonding of putty powder to its surface is poor.

2. the new wall is castable with smooth surface and contains a lot of release agents (waste oil or silicone).

3. for wood base material, metal bottom material and other non mortar base material (such as three plywood, board, particleboard, solid wood, etc.), direct application of putty, because the surface expansion ratio is different, and the water absorption of this kind of product is strong, the rigid inner wall putty can not be deformed, generally it will fall off after 3 months.

4. putty exceeds the shelf life and the bond strength decreases. 


1. eradicate the shedding layer;

2. grinding the old wall surface, increasing the surface roughness, and then using the interface agent to deal with it.

3. use degreasing agent to remove surface release agent or other grease ingredients and then apply putty.

4. use two component or special plywood putty for construction.

5. marble, mosaic, ceramic tile and other external wall surfaces, please use the external wall tiles to refurbish the putty.

6. used in the shelf life of putty.

powdered putty

The phenomenon:  After the construction is completed and dry,  powder dropping is touched by hands.


1. internal wall putty powder polishing time is not good, the surface has been dry and then polishing treatment will be powder.

2. the outer wall putty powder, the coating is thinner, in the summer high temperature, the moisture volatilization is very fast, the surface layer has not enough moisture to solidify, so it is easy to depowder.

3. the product has exceeded the shelf life, and the strength of adhesion has dropped significantly.

4. the product is not stored properly, and the adhesive force decreases greatly after moisture absorption.

5. high water absorption at the base-root, resulting in fast drying of putty and no sufficient moisture for curing.


1. when the inner wall putty surface is polished, the suitable polishing time should be controlled. The best period of polishing is to polish immediately when the surface watermark is disappeared.

2. after the surface putty of the exterior wall is dried, it must be properly polished and fully drenched and maintained. The general maintenance is divided into two times or more than two times.

3. the product must be used in the shelf life. If it exceeds the warranty period, it must be tested and then be constructed after passing the inspection.

4. product must pay attention to waterproof treatment, should be stored in a cool and dry place, and ensure good seal.

5. in summer or high temperature and strong wind weather conditions, it is best to use wet water to wet the wall before applying the putty.

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