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How can the waterproof paint be brushed without leakage?

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How can the waterproof paint be brushed without leakage?

"Master, I am not short of money. Please give me more layers of paint." many people will make such requests when doing waterproofing.

We always feel that the thicker the waterproof coating is, the better the waterproofing effect is. Is that so?

First of all, waterproof life is closely related to the thickness of the waterproof layer. We know that the waterproof coating layer is continuous and impervious to water. Even 0.5mm can be effectively waterproof, but such thin coating is easily destroyed by mechanical damage and can not bear a certain amount of displacement. In addition, the waterproof coating will be degradation as time goes on.  so how to talk about durability, how to talk about waterproofing, and how to talk use life.

Generally speaking, first class waterproof (20 years life), waterproof coating is not less than 2.0mm, grade two waterproof (10 years life), waterproof coating is not less than 1.5mm. But it does not mean that the thicker the thickness of waterproof coating is, the better finish is. On the other hand, the thickness is too large to cause cracking.

Construction steps of waterproof coating:

1. grass-roots processing

In order to ensure the laying quality of the waterproof layer and save paint,  the base should be flat, unconcave, honeycomb, floating ash, oil pollution and so on.

2. preparation before painting

Prepare waterproof coating, round mixing barrel, measuring tool, roller, brush, scraper, agitator and so on. Mix the waterproof paint according to the instructions and stir it evenly with the agitator.

3. detail nodes

Reinforcement should be strengthened in areas where pipes, joint corners and construction joints are liable to leak. In the pipe root, the pipe is chiseled around with instantaneous plugging agent to block, and then brush one or two times waterproof coating; the joint coners, the construction seam position using polyester cloth reinforcement treatment and then to scrape the waterproof coating, the polyester cloth width is 300mm.

4. waterproofing paint

After finishing the detail node and drying the coating, the construction of the first big surface coating is carried out. The construction can use roll, brush, scraping and so on, the construction should be uniform, can not have local deposition, and should be painted many times between the paint and the base do not keep bubbles. After the first coating is dry (usually 6-8 hours interval is appropriate, the specific detection method is based on hand touch finger printing), the construction of the second times coating is perpendicular to the first way, the construction should be uniform and no local deposition. After second times of drying, third times of coating will be carried out. The third time coating is rolled with a long handle roller, and the direction of roll coating is perpendicular to the second coating. It should be uniform when rolling, and no local deposition can be used to improve the smooth and smooth effect of the coating surface.

 5. Acceptance waterproof layer and the next construction process

During the construction, it should be checked by the edge of the brush, and the defects can be repaired in time. The site builder and the quality inspector must check it. After checking the qualification, the next coating can be entered.

The coating should be completely dry for 2 days before the construction of the next process can be carried out. During construction, attention should be paid to the protection of the waterproof layer of the coating so as not to destroy the waterproof layer either artificially or externally. The protective material for side wall waterproof layer is suggested to be protected by polystyrene board or mortar. Protective material for roof waterproofing layer should be protected by mortar or fine aggregate concrete.

So the waterproof coating is not the more multi-layer the better!

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