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Analysis investment produciton of diatom mud

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Analysis investment produciton of diatom mud

1.  Introduction of diatom mud

Diatom mud is a kind of interior wall decorative material with diatomite as the main raw material. It has the functions of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, regulating humidity, releasing negative oxygen ion, fireproof and flame retardant, wall surface self cleaning, sterilizing and deodorizing. Because diatom mud is healthy and environment-friendly, it is not only good decoration, but also functional. It is a new generation of interior decoration materials instead of wallpaper and latex paint.

2. Diatom mud raw material

The main raw material of diatom mud is derived from marine alga, diatomite, which has been formed for millions of years.

The main component of diatom mud is diatomite, while diatomite is mainly composed of diatoms. Diatom is one of the earliest mono - celled algae that appeared on the earth, living in sea water or lake water, very small in shape, often growing at an amazing speed. Diatoms are the most important plankton species in the oceans and lakes, and are widely distributed. Because diatoms are numerous and large, they are called "grasslands" of the oceans.

3. Characteristics and functions of diatom mud

 1. purify the air. 2. adjust the humidity. 3. insulation. 4. fire retardant and flame retardant. 5. sterilize and disinfect. 6. wall surface self clean. In addition, diatom mud has a life span of more than 20 years. It does not fade, does not fall off, does not crack, and is resistant to oxidation.

4. Application of diatom mud

Diatom mud is a kind of interior wall decoration wall material, which has wide application scope. It can be applied to the following places: family (living room, bedroom, study, nursery, smallpox, etc.), apartments, kindergartens, elderly homes, hospitals, sanatorium, club, theme club, luxury hotel, vacation hotel, office building, style restaurant and so on.

5. Production equipment of diatom mud

A8 full automatic diatom mud mixer :  automatic package computer metering (error + 0.1) mixer is developed by Shenghua, which is widely used in all kinds of dry powder coatings, 1-2 people can operate, , save time and 16-6 daily production, economic and practical. 

6. Analysis  investment production diatom mud  

    I.  Diatom mud market investment: 

         This product is a kind of interior wall decoration material, which has wide application scope, large demand and good application effect. At present, the cost of the product is 3000 RMB / ton (about), the sales price is 6000 RMB / ton (about), and the construction price is 60-130 RMB /m2 (according to the volume of the project). The profit is considerable. 

    II. Diatom mud plant guidance:

         Site:according to the requirement of 50-500 square meters.

         Electricity: 380V industrial three-phase.

         Worker:  one equipment 1-2 can operate.

         Production equipment: A8-1000 type mixer is 16800RMB.

        Liquidity: more than 50000 MRB yuan (according to demand).

   III.  Diatom mud technology and production guidance:

         Shenghua company provide series of product guidance and formulation such as dry powder, mortar, latex paint, waterproof coating, texture coating, art paint and so on. From product formulation training, raw materials ordering, production technology, construction technology and so on.   Purchase our equipment, we can free to train related technical formulations (including water resistant diatom mud and non water resistant diatom mud). 

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