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Construction of ground leveling method (self leveling + cement mortar)

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Construction of ground leveling method (self leveling + cement mortar)

Before carrying out the decoration, it is generally necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the houses, one of which is to see whether the floor is smooth. If the ground is at an angle with the horizontal plane or has a larger pit, it must be leveled, otherwise the quality of the auxiliary floor or floor tiles will be affected.


Main ground leveling method self leveling construction

Self leveling is the most commonly used method at present. It is also the best way to achieve leveling effect.

1. Ground grinding treatment

Before the ground is covered with self leveling cement, it is necessary to pretreat the ground first. Generally, there will be bulges on the rough floor, so we need to polish them out. Generally, the ground grinding machine is needed, and the bumps are smoothed by rotary flat grinding.

2. Brush interface agent

The function of the interface agent is to make the self leveling cement and the ground more cohesive. After finishing and cleaning up the ground grinding process, it is necessary to brush the two times surface agents on the ground surface. There are many kinds of interface agents in the market, so the owners should pay more attention to the selection of better quality products, so as to prevent any quality problems at the later stage.

3. Self leveling cement

Self leveling cement is a dry mixed powder material composed of a variety of active ingredients. It can be used in mixing water at site. The proportion of self leveling cement and water is 1:2. Ensure that cement can flow, but not too thin, otherwise the strength is not enough after drying, easy to ash.

After the drying of the interface agent, the self leveling cement can be poured on the ground. After falling to the ground, the cement can flow along the ground, but it can not completely flow flat. The builders need to use tools to push the cement plat. 

4. Homogenization of cement with a roller

Cement is not pure liquid. It can not be absolutely flat. There will be a little bump in the process of pushing, At this point, the cement should be pressed by the roller.. If this step is lacking, it is very easy to cause partial unevenness on the ground, and the problem of small pieces at the later stage.

5. Construction attention of self leveling leveling

Avoid imprinting of construction

Construction workers must step on the cement surface, in order to ensure that the shoes will not leave the mark on the cement, the builders usually wear special shoes to carry on the construction. The shoe sole is covered with nails, but it does not affect the stability of the shoes, but also reduces the imprint on the cement surface.

Pay attention to the maintenance of finished products

  Self leveling air drying is very fast, usually in three days can be paved wooden floor. But three days before it is done, product protection is needed.

Standard construction cement mortar leveling

Although there are many disadvantages in the method of cement mortar leveling, a kind of traditional leveling method, because of the lag of process renewal, there are still many decorating teams using this method.

1. Ground base treatment

Before carrying out construction, it is necessary to deal with the ground base to ensure that the defects such as hollowing and blocking have been repaired or removed. And ensure that the ground base is cleaned up without construction obstacles. In addition, the root of the finished wooden products needs to be bandaged, the root of the indoor facilities should be bandaged or be blocked.

2. High plastering pancake

According to the thickness and the standard line of the finished surface, the leveling thickness is determined. The general surface plastering thickness is not less than 20mm, and the leveling control line is projected on the wall. According to the leveling control line plastering along the wall, the size of the ash cake is generally 5 * 5cm, the vertical and horizontal distance is 1.5-2.0 meters, and the upper surface of the cake is the elevation of the ground surface layer. If the room is larger, it is necessary to apply the tendons. The mixing ratio of mortar and plaster mortar is the same as that of mortar on the floor.

3. Brush cement paste

The function of cement slurry is to make the cement mortar and ground connect more closely. The cement slurry should be prepared according to the ratio of 1:0.5. After modulation, the broom and other tools will be applied to the ground to form a bonding layer.

4. Cement mortar

After brushing up the cement paste, cement mortar should be paved, and mortar mix ratio is: sand =1:2. After the cement mortar is fully covered, it will be grained with long wooden bars, so that the mortar and the base layer will be densely combined.

5. Surface sublight treatment

The surface pressure is divided into two times. The first time in the cement mortar condensation slightly water, people stepped on the footprints, but when no subsidence, the dry cement surface after the pressure light, from the edge angle to the large surface, the order added to compact the light, before the final coagulation of cement mortar, the second times press light, with iron wipes to keep the first press, compaction, press, press light. And check the evenness with a ruler at any time.

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