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Guidance and analysis of investment production of putty powder

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Guidance and analysis of investment production of putty powder

 1. Brief introduction of putty powder:

     Putty powder is an essential material in the decoration. It is a kind of base material for wall surface leveling and repair and good foundation for painting decorations.  Wall surface painted throughly with putty powder, can maintain a good smooth, uniform effect, so that the future decoration works can be better, is an essential material in the decoration. Putty powder is usually made of base material, fillers, water and auxiliaries. At the same time, some fiber components can also be added, which can play a good role in cracking resistance.  Generally, the base of putty powder is gypsum or cement, so its surface is rough, but it can be easily adhered firmly. In general, at the time of construction, the base can also brush a layer of interface agent to seal the base and improve the adhesion of the wall. The purpose of this is to improve the bond ability of the putty powder and let the construction be better. It's more convenient.

2. Classification of putty powder: 

 A.     According to our national standard, putty powder can be divided into general putty powder and water resistant putty powder.

   I. General putty powder: it can be used in many kinds of places, but this kind of place is not water resistant. It can be composed of several fly powder, cellulose and starch glue.

   II. Water resistant putty powder: for water resistant places, it require moisture absorption, it is usually composed of double fly powder, cement, lime calcium powder, organic glue powder, and water retention agent.


  B.  According to its properties, it can be divided into inner wall putty and exterior wall putty.

  I. Interior wall putty:  the putty interior wall must meet the requirements of healthy and environmental protection.

  II. Exterior wall putty: the putty for exterior wall needs certain waterproof, wind resistant and sunscreen properties, which with less requirement for environmental protection.


  C.  According to its properties, it can be divided into elastic putty, waterproof putty, and flexible putty.   

  I. Elastic putty: elastic putty is a kind of putty for sealant, its condition is similar like thick paste. Because it has a certain rate of expansion, it is called "elastic putty".

  II. Water resistant putty: especially to achieve the "construction indoors putty" (JG/T3049-1998) standard N type, that is, water resistant putty standard of a class of putty.

  III. Flexible putty: high quality cement, filler, synthetic polymer and selected additives, etc., divided into ordinary type putty, flexible anti cracking putty, flexible type putty and waterproof exterior wall putty according to the different flexible and waterproof properties of putty.

3. The application "RIRIXIN" brand putty powder:

   Plastering on the base surface of concrete, cement mortar, etc., and surface renovation of tiles, mosaics, stone materials and old cities.

4. Market analysis and investment guidance for "RIRIXIN" brand putty powder:

   Putty powder belongs to architectural coatings industry. Its perfect cover leveling is essential for the construction market at present.

  I. the main raw materials of putty powder: double fly powder (heavy calcium powder) white cement, light calcium powder, etc.

   II. Investment guidance:    the site  50 square meters or more                    electricity: 380V industrial three-phase electric (second phase modification of electricity)      Worker: 2-3 people   equipment 12000-16000RMB    liquidity: 50000-80000RMB

  III. Equipment: A8 full automatic putty powder mixer, the machine is widely used in the production of putty powder, adhesive mortar, plaster mortar, plaster gypsum and other dry powder coatings, and so on. 1-2 people can operate, save time, 16-60 tons of daily output, economic and practical. 

   5. Training information:

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