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"RIRIXIN" brand K11 waterproof coating

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"RIRIXIN" brand K11 waterproof coating

1.  "RIRIXIN" brand K11 waterproof coating products introduction

K11 waterproof material is a two component polymer modified waterproofing coating. A unique, very active polymer powder, synthetic rubber, synthetic benzol, and other emulsion blends, adding materials and appropriate chemical additives and filling materials, polymer waterproofing materials, imported materials and domestic high quality excipients processed by plastic, mixing and calendering processes, according to the state. The highest quality products produced by the industry standard are listed as the key products of the Ministry of construction.

2. "RIRIXIN" brand K11 waterproof coating products classification

At present, the K11 in the market has three kinds of common K11 waterproof coating, flexible K11 waterproof coating and color K11, of which the common K11 waterproof coating can also be divided into two kinds of rigid and flexible K11. At present, most of the K11 on the market are common, while flexibility and color K11 are relatively uncommon.

3. "RIRIXIN" brand K11 waterproof coating product characteristics

     I.  it can be directly constructed on the wet base surface.

     II.  strong adhesion to the base material.

     III.  It has good permeability to the base material. The active ingredients in the slurry can penetrate into the fine pores and micro cracks of the cement base and produce chemical reactions, and form a layer              of dense crystalline waterproof layer with the base material.

     IIII.  It has a certain flexibility and can resist slight cracks.

     V.  resist high hydrostatic pressure, which can be used for both surface and surface waterproofing.

     VI.  Excellent aging resistance.

     VII.  non-toxic, harmless, can be directly used for drinking water projects.

     VIII.  coating can prevent moisture and salinity pollution and inhibit mold growth.

     VIIII.  The waterproof layer has high wear-resistance.

4.  "RIRIXIN" K11 waterproof paint application:

Various industrial and civil buildings, toilets, kitchens, roofs, terraces, balconies, exterior walls, basement, pools, sewers, mines, tunnels, bridge irrigation seams, irrigation expansion joints and other waterproof, moistureproof, corrosion prevention and other projects. Smear with ceramic tiles, cracks in external walls to plug water seepage.

5. "RIRIXIN" K11 waterproof coating market analysis and investment guidance

With the improvement of environmental protection and quality of life, K11 waterproof coating has been recognized by many customers in its home decoration due to its excellent performance, and the market demand has steadily risen.

     I. K11 waterproof coating raw materials:   

       Liquid ingredients: acrylic emulsion, synthetic rubber, other auxiliaries.

       Powder composition: cement, quartz sand, water reducing agent and other powder.

   II.  K11 waterproof coating investment factory guidance:

      Site: according to the demand of 50 square or more

      Power consumption: 380V industrial three-phase power (220V lighting can also be retrofitted).

      Worker: 2-3 people                               equipment: 30,000-50,000 RMB yuan.

      Liquidity: 50,000-80,000RMB

  III.  K11 waterproof coating production equipment:

      K11 waterproof coating powder production: A8 fully automatic computer measurement (error + 0.1) mixer,  The machine is widely used for dry powder putty powder, adhesive mortar, plaster mortar, powder      gypsum plaster and other types of dry powder paint,   1-2 people can operate, 16-60 tons of daily output, economic and practical. 


      K11 waterproof coating liquid material production:  SH-1000 K11 high-speed disperser, hydraulic lifting, adjustable speed, high mixing degree, 5-8 tons per day.

     IIII.K11 waterproof coating product technology and production guidance:

          Shenghua provide  series of product guidance and services such as dry powder, mortar, latex paint, waterproof coating, texture paint, art paint, etc., from product formulation training, raw materials                    ordering, production technology, construction technology and so on.   purchase the equipment , we can freely train K11 waterproof technical formula.


        V. K11 waterproof coating products packaging and trademark authorization:

           K11 products are packed in plastic containers.   The product packaging specifications are generally: 3.7kg+1.2L/ sets and 14.5kg+5L/ sets.

           Shenghua provides "RIRIXIN" brand K11 waterproof trademark authorization service, each city authorized one trademark use, the annual use fee of 2000 RMB, provide K11 waterproof coating testing                  report.

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