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901 glue powder for water resistant wall putty

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901 glue powder for water resistant wall putty 

Our company's high performance "Zhongqing" brand series environmental protection glue powder, this powder can completely replace polyvinyl alcohol, carboxymethyl cellulose and so on. The dry powder coating produced with our glue and production technology we provided has long storage time, no caking and non solidification. The use effect is good, the cost is low, the surface is like porcelain, hard as steel, scrubbing, non powder, no cracking, no skin, smooth and fine film, long life. The putty powder produced has the advantages of high viscosity, low cost, labor saving and time saving, easy operation, high hardness and scrubbing.

  1.  Application: the main purpose is used for bonding material of wall putty powder, which has the characteristics of fast dissolution, light construction, high hardness and good grinding resistance.
  2. Reference formula: (%)
    I. 901 additives to produce interior wall water resistant putty formula (same as toughened coating)
    901 additive 0.3-0.4%                            heavy calcium 65%         
    Ash calcium powder 35%                     whitening agent 0.05 to 0.1 (putty powder can without)
    Technology: mix the raw materials thoroughly before mixing with water (powder: water =1:0.5) without particles.

    II.  901 additive to produce exterior wall water resistant putty
    901 additive 0.4-0.5%                           white cement 425# 50-70%
    Quartz powder 10%                             double fly powder 30%
    Inorganic anti cracking fiber (wood fiber) 0.2-0.3%

       III. 901 additive to produce water resistant and high light putty formula

       Ash calcium powder 400 mesh 30-35%                      double fly powder 400 mesh    55-65%

       901 glue powder 0.5%                                                 light calcium 400 order 10%

Note: because of the content of calcium hydroxide is different at different place(the amount of addition is also different in the 30-50 range of debugging), part of the product will be six hours after the fingernails can not be moved, no powder.  

The above formula is for reference only. For specific recipes, please refer to written papers of putty powder mixer and the Zhongqing building glue powder.  

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