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Environment-friendly waterproof and anti cracking putty powder for inner and outer walls

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Environment-friendly waterproof and anti cracking putty powder for inner and outer walls

  1. Market prospect: with the painting development and  improvement of people's living standard. People's requirements for traditional painting methods and quality are getting higher and higher. Waterproof, moisture-proof, crack resistant, high strength, easy to grind, easy to construct and long life putty has become an ideal material for people to pursue. In view of the current situation of people's demand, our company have tested, developed and produced with advanced domestic level, with waterproof, crack resistance, high hardness, easy grinding, low cost and long period of high quality and internal wall series putty powder, which is very popular in the market.  So it is an ideal investment project to invest in the production of putty powder.

  2. Putty investment is small which including equipment 4000-32000RMB(dry powder mixer). Daily output 10-20ton, electric power 3-11 kilowatt (also can be two-phase electricity), workshop 50-60 square meters, workers 2-3 people. The raw materials are easy to buy, and the main raw materials can be bought in all the cities.

  3. The market is not sad, the profit is considerable, the importance of putty has been highly valued. People have found that 95% of the wall of latex paint comes from the disqualification of putty. Therefore, the demand for putty is larger than that of the paint. At present, the cost of producing one ton inner wall putty is 300-400RMB, the market is 600-800 RMB, the external wall cost is 600-800RMB, the market is 1500-1800 RMB, and the annual output of putty powder is 1000 tons, and the profit is very considerable.

  4. According to the needs of users, our company openly transfer the technology of putty powder to the whole world. It includes ordinary putty powder, exterior wall putty powder, anti cracking and water proof putty powder, exterior wall waterproof putty powder and high light water proof putty powder (provides mixing mixer), including full set of technical data, including production formula, process flow, complete set of production technology.

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