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JS waterproof paint

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A new type of JS composite waterproof material

1. Introduction:

  JS polymer cement based composite waterproof coating is a two component composite waterproof coating made of polymer emulsion and inorganic powder. When the two components are mixed, a high strength and strong waterproof coating is formed. The coating is high elasticity of organic materials. The waterproof effect is outstanding. At the same time, according to the needs of the project, the coloured coating is provided with decorative effect, which adds beautiful decorative effect to the building.

JS composite waterproof coating has been widely used by the waterproofing sector as a new and efficient waterproof material. It is one of the thirteen waterproof materials recommended by the Ministry of national construction. Its main technical indicators have reached the level of similar products in Japan.

2. Product features: 

It can be directly constructed on the wet or dry base surface. The product is non-toxic and pollution-free and can be used for drinking water projects. The construction is simple, safe and reliable, and the construction period is short. Brush coating, scraping and roll coating, good weather resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, long service life, strong bonding with various base materials, high strength coating and high elasticity, can prepare various color coatings and play the role of decoration and beautification; the coating has no joint, and can adapt to the micro change at the base.

3. Product performance

The product is a two-component cold construction waterproof coating, and its technical performance is up to or above the "polymer cement waterproof coating" standard of the national building materials industry. The main indicators are as follows:

Tensile strength: more than 1.2MPa; elongation at break: > 200%; bonding strength: > 0.50MPa; drying time (H): the dried surface is less than 4, the actual dry is less than 8; low temperature flexibility: (-10, 2h) no crack; water permeability: (0.3MPa*30min) impermeable.

4. Product Application

The products can be directly constructed on wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, and various waterproof layers (such as asphalt, rubber, SBS waterproofing rolls, APP waterproofing rolls, polyurethane coating, etc.). Therefore, it is widely used in waterproof, sealing, decoration and leakage of all kinds of building facilities, such as new and old roofs, basement, exterior wall, toilet bath, tunnel, bridge, ditch and so on. The products are widely used.

5. Project investment

The main production facilities are: powder mixing machine, stirring tank, sealing machine, mixing barrel, etc. Workshop 200m2, 5~10 million RMB. The cost of raw materials is 3-5RMB /kg, which is 8-10RMB /kg and 1.5-2kg per square meter.

6. Mode of transfer

We provide a full set of technical information. On-site training technicians ensure that the technology is mature, reliable , and ensure the production of qualified products.

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