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Self leveling cement mortar

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"RIRIXIN" brand self leveling cement mortar

  1. Introduction of "RIRIXIN" self leveling cement mortar
    Self leveling cement mortar is a new green product with high complicated technology. It is a dry mixed powder composed of a variety of active ingredients, and can be mixed with water at site. Just use blade expanded, the whole base surface get extremely smooth. The speed of hardening is fast, it can walk on the top only after 4~8 hours, or carry on the follow-up project (such as the wood flooring, the metal plate etc.). The construction is fast and easy to be compared with the traditional manual leveling. Safety, pollution-free, beautiful, fast construction . It has promoted the civilized construction procedure, created the high quality, comfortable and add colorful colors to life.

  2.  "RIRIXIN" brand self leveling cement mortar applications
    I. It is used as the high leveling base for epoxy floor, polyurethane floor, PVC coil, sheet, rubber floor, solid wood flooring and metal plate.
    II. It is a leveling base material used in modern hospital mute and dustproof floor PVC rolls.
    III. GMP clean room, dust free floor, hardened floor, anti-static floor and other base layer of food factory, pharmaceutical factory, precision electronics factory.
    IIII. Kindergarten, tennis courts and so on.
    V. As an industrial workshop, it is resistant to acid and alkali floor and abrasion resistant floor.
    VI. Robot track surface layer
    VII. Flat surface of home floor decoration
    VIII. Such as airport hall, Grand Hotel, hypermarket, department store, conference hall, exhibition center, large office and parking lot can quickly complete the high level floor.

  3. "RIRIXIN" brand self leveling cement mortar product characters
    I. The construction is simple and easy, and with the appropriate amount of water, the approximate free fluid slurry can be formed, and the whole floor of high smooth can be obtained quickly.
    II. The construction speed is fast, and it is 5-10 times higher than the traditional manual leveling, and it can be used for short time to transport and load, and greatly shorten the construction period.
    III. Premixed products are uniform and stable in quality, clean and tidy in construction site, and conducive to civilized construction. They are environmentally friendly products.
    III. It has good moisture resistance, strong protection on the layer, strong practicability and wide application scope.
  4.  Market analysis and investment guidance
    Self leveling cement mortar is widely used in public and industrial factory production because of its safety, pollution-free and beautiful features. It has a large market demand and has a good investment prospect
    I.  self leveling cement mortar raw materials: General silicon cement, high alumina cement, quartz powder and other raw materials.
    II. self leveling cement mortar investment guidance:
    Site: according to the demand of 50 square or more
    Power consumption: 380V industrial three-phase power (220V lighting can also be retrofitted).
    Workers: 2-3 people can produce                                           equipment: 12000-30000 RMB.
    Liquidity: 50000-80000RMB 
    III. Production equipment of self leveling cement mortar
    A8 automatic computer measurement (error + 0.1) mixer, which is widely used in self leveling cement mortar, dry powder coating putty powder, adhesive mortar and plaster mortar, can be operated by 1-2 people, exempt from your weighing trouble, save time and 16-60 tons of daily output. In the limited working time, the output is greatly improved. 

    IIII. Self leveling cement mortar product technology and production guidance
    Our company will provide a series of product guidance and services, such as dry powder, mortar, latex paint, waterproof coating, texture paint, art paint, etc., from product formulation training, raw materials ordering, production technology, construction technology and so on. Purchase our equipment, we can train free cement self leveling mortar related technical formula.
    V. Packing and trademark of self leveling cement mortar products
    Woven bag packing, each package 25Kg, package specification: 470mm*760mm, our company provides "RIRIXIN" brand cement self leveling mortar trademark authorization, each city authorizes one trademark , 3000 RMB a year, providing self leveling cement mortar inspection report. 
    VI. Self leveling cement mortar related products
    The details of the raw material of the cement self leveling mortar, such as the purchase of the raw material, the production and the service of the sales, can be consulted by the Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., and the professional personnel will guide the solution.
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