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Several common problems in the use of ceramic tile back glue

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Several common problems in the use of ceramic tile back glue

What material is used for tiling? Cement mortar, tile binder, mortar glue, cement paste, back glue? Today, let's talk about the back glue of ceramic tile and introduce its common problems in use.

1. Can tile back glue be used on cement base?

It is not recommended, add ceramic tile adhesive or mortar adhesive only after the coating is dry.  If the adhesive is also used on the cement base, it will be peeled due to too large load.

2. How about the effect of tile back glue in the water vapor environment of bathroom?

Due to the high solid content of the back glue, which belongs to the acrylic system, long-term contact with water will lead to softening and swelling of the coating film, and even lead to falling off of the tiles.

3. How to clean the back glue of ceramic tile when it is not dry?

Ceramic tile back glue belongs to acrylic system. If it does not dry and solid, it can be cleaned with alcohol or butyl acetate and other solvents.

4. What is the effect of tiling on the actual use on the second day after the application of tile back glue?

No problem, as long as the back glue in a dry environment, to avoid rain!

5. Do you want to brush back glue when tiling? What ceramic tile pastes to need to use ceramic tile back glue?

① For ordinary ceramic tiles, cement mortar or ceramic tile adhesive can be used directly.

② For vitrified brick, polished brick, microcrystalline stone and other porcelain bricks with high density and low water absorption, the back of the ceramic tile should be painted with the back of the brick and then pasted with cement mortar or tile adhesive.

③ If the floor tiles are on the wall, both should be used for safety. If the floor tiles are large, they should be hung dry glue.

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