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Difference between white cement and putty powder

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Difference between white cement and putty powder

In industry, cement is a must. Cement is needed for decoration of various walls and floors. Cement can be divided into black cement and white cement. What's the difference between these two different cements? What's the difference between white cement and putty? Let's look down!

Black cement

The cement widely used in the project construction is ordinary portland cement with black gray color, which is called cement, that is, black cement.

Generally, this kind of cement has high strength and strong adhesion, and the specific value varies according to the grade.

Classification method:

1. According to the nature of the materials produced, it can be divided into natural cement, clinker cement (with limestone and clay cooperating according to the required composition, the product obtained by calcining at a higher temperature is called clinker) and clinker free cement (with industrial waste such as fly ash, blast furnace slag or natural volcanic ash, alkali activator such as lime and water glass, and gypsum being ground in proportion and not calcined) )

2. According to the function of cement, it can be divided into fast hardening cement (early strength cement), low heat cement, expansion cement, acid resistant cement, fire-resistant cement, etc.

3. According to the use, it can be divided into oil well cement, dam cement, eruption cement, marine cement, etc.

4. According to the primary chemical composition of cement, it can be divided into Portland cement, aluminate cement (high alumina cement), phosphate cement, etc., the latter is less used. Although there are many kinds of cement, more than 95% of them belong to Portland cement, only according to the request of the project to change the chemical composition, or participate in some regulating functions when using.

White cement

White cement is the abbreviation of white portland cement. The white hydraulic cementitious material is made by burning the raw material with appropriate composition until some melting. The main component is calcium silicate, and the clinker with less iron content is added with appropriate gypsum.

When grinding cement, limestone not exceeding 5% of cement content is allowed to be added. White cement is mostly used for decoration, and its production technology is usually much better than cement. The strength of white cement is lower than that of ordinary cement, so it can not be used for structure.

It is mainly used for painting, sculpture, decoration of stairs, pavilions, columns and steps of building decoration projects, and making all kinds of color sand and terrazzo products. It can be made into colorful cement by infiltrating appropriate anti sealing pigment into white cement.

If the floor concrete structure itself is not good, it will be waterproof by cement alone, so the waterproof effect is poor. Cement based polymer waterproof coating can be selected for toilet waterproofing, that is, after the cement-based polymer waterproof coating is mixed evenly with appropriate cement, it is directly applied on the floor concrete structure surface to form a layer of waterproof maintenance coating to prevent water leakage.

wall putty

Putty itself also contains white cement. However, it not only contains white cement, but also contains polymers such as acrylic acid emulsion. It is a kind of base material used for wall repair and leveling, laying a good foundation for the next decoration (painting and pasting wallpaper). Now high-rise buildings must use putty.

Putty can be divided into interior wall and exterior wall. The exterior wall putty should be resistant to wind and sun, so it has high adhesive property, high strength and low environmental protection index. The comprehensive index of putty for interior wall is good, healthy and environmental protection, so the interior wall is not used externally, and the exterior wall is not used internally.

Difference between white cement and putty

1. White cement is mainly composed of calcium carbonate and other minerals. Calcium carbonate belongs to basic salt. It will neutralize when encountering acid, and then it will be weathered over time. White cement is very hard after being dried by air, and it will crack when its hardness reaches a certain degree, which is the reason why many walls crack.

2. Putty: it also contains white cement. However, it contains not only white cement, but also polymers such as acrylic acid emulsion. Now most high-rise buildings must use putty, because its cost is similar to that of white cement + glue, but its quality is different. From alkali resistance to crack resistance to acid resistance and so on are obviously better than white cement!

3. Now the traditional use of white cement is to add glue, but white cement will be weathered after a long time, so now putty is more commonly used.

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