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Brief introduction of Grouting material

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Brief introduction of Grouting material

I、 Brief introduction of grouting material

The grouting material is made up of high-strength material as aggregate, cement as binder, high flow state, micro expansion, anti segregation and other materials. It can be used after adding a certain amount of water to the construction site and mixing evenly. In the aspect of construction, it has the advantages of reliable quality, low cost, short construction period and convenient use. It is an ideal grouting material in the era of no pad installation to fundamentally change the stress condition of the equipment base and make it bear all the loads of the equipment uniformly, so as to meet the installation requirements of various mechanical and electrical equipment (heavy equipment high-precision grinder).

Grouting materials are divided into high-strength non shrinkage grouting materials and support grouting materials. High strength non shrinkage grouting material: do not use in bridge, tunnel, subway, power plant, steel structure workshop; it is used for structural reinforcement or machine fixation. Because the performance of grouting material is superior to that of traditional concrete material in all aspects, and it is resistant to high temperature, abrasion and ultra-high strength.

The main factors affecting the compressive strength of grouting materials are cement strength and water cement ratio. To control the quality of grouting materials, the most important is to control the water cement ratio of cement and grouting materials. In addition, there are other factors that can not be ignored.

At the pouring site, the grouting material must be vibrated evenly, the air inside shall be discharged, and the density of the grouting material shall be increased. In the later stage, it should be maintained according to the construction specifications, and the temperature has a certain impact on the strength development of grouting materials.

In winter, it is necessary to keep warm and freeze, and in summer, it is necessary to keep dry.

II、 Product features

1. Early strength and high strength: the strength of 1-3 days after pouring can reach more than 30-60mpa according to the different proportion, thus shortening the construction period. The equipment can be put into operation one day after installation.

2. Self flow state: after mixing with water on site, it is directly poured into the equipment foundation, the mortar flows automatically, and the construction is vibration free to ensure that there is no vibration and long-distance grouting construction. The whole space of equipment foundation can be filled without vibration.

3. Micro expansion and no shrinkage: the castable can be used for a long time without shrinkage to ensure close contact between the equipment and the foundation, and there is no shrinkage between the foundation and the foundation, so as to meet the requirements of secondary grouting of the equipment, and appropriate expansion pressure stress can ensure long-term safe operation of the equipment, so as to ensure close contact between the equipment and the foundation.

4. No corrosion: no corrosion damage to steel bar, steel plate, etc.

5. Anti oil seepage: after 30 days of immersion in the engine oil, its strength is more than 10% higher than that before immersion. It is shaped, dense, anti-seepage and suitable for the oil pollution and environmental protection of the engine base.

6. Durability: the strength of 30 fatigue tests and 50 freeze-thaw cycles has no significant change.

7. Good weather resistance: - 40 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ for long-term safe use.

8. Low alkali corrosion resistance: strictly control the alkali content of raw materials, which is suitable for the project with inhibition requirements of alkali aggregate reaction.

III、 Product application scope

Grouting materials are mainly used for anchor bolt anchoring, emergency repair of aircraft runway, fixation of nuclear power equipment, reinforcement of road and bridge engineering, machine base, steel structure and foundation cup mouth, secondary grouting of equipment foundation, planting reinforcement, concrete structure reinforcement and transformation, crack treatment of old concrete structure, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, track and steel structure installation, static pile pressing engineering pile sealing, Building reinforcement, beam column section enlargement, wall structure thickening and leakage water repair, collapse grouting of various foundation projects and various emergency repair projects, etc.

IV、 Production equipment

A8 new type automatic valve bag dry powder mortar mixer is developed by Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. It is widely used in the production of dry powder paint putty powder, bonding mortar, plastering mortar, plastering gypsum and other dry powder coatings. 1-2 people can operate it, and you can avoid weighing trouble and save working hours. The daily output is 16-60 tons, and the working hours are limited The output has been greatly increased, the products are economical and practical, and the products sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities. Stainless steel mixer can be customized, used in the production of various dry powder, food, raw materials, titanium dioxide, fine chemicals and other products.

V、 Technical training

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. will provide product technical guidance and services for grouting materials and other coatings, from product formulation training, raw material ordering, production process, construction process, etc., one-to-one training, and provide relevant product information tracking and guidance.

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