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Do you know about decorative paint velvet?

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Do you know about decorative paint velvet?

  Velvet is a kind of paste, which has a fine feel like fluff and metallic luster effect. The soft feeling you want to have in an instant. Color matching can be carried out according to the needs. At the same time, it has many advantages such as simple construction, long service life, waterproof and washable. It is suitable for villa, hotel, office, entertainment place, school, shopping mall and other occasions. It can be matched with different classical or modern decoration styles. 

The velvet coating shows the flash effect with small particles and light luster. The finish is flexible and durable. According to different needs with personalized colors, can be used alone and combined. This kind of effect is luxurious and fashionable. The pearl light and silk texture are perfectly integrated. It is thixotropic and flickering in different angles and lights. Under the surface of the smooth touch, there is rich texture, gorgeous but not less connotation, and brilliant but elegant. Exclusive dedication, expensive rare.

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