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Do you know dry hanging glue/ AB adhesive

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Do you know dry hanging glue/ AB adhesive

I. product introduction

The stainless steel hanging piece is used to fix the slotted part at the bottom and upper part of the stone and seal the joint with structural glue. General stone dry hanging glue is divided into a and B two-component.

II. Scope of application

1. Dry hanging and facing hanging of stone curtain wall;

2. Adhesive installation (including suspension installation) between any two kinds of common hard building materials, such as natural stone, artificial stone, concrete, wood, metal, brick, tile, fiberglass, etc;

3. Permanent bonding of stone and wood furniture;

4. Connection of cement prefabricated parts;

5. Structural reinforcement, crack filling and anchoring of buildings

III. product performance

1. the product is modified epoxy resin polymer, has excellent aging resistance, toughness is strong, after curing, water resistance, moisture resistance, excellent chemical resistance, good weather resistance (-30 to 90 degrees Celsius), fireproof, curing non-toxic;

2. The utilization rate is over 90%, and its physical properties such as anti-seismic, compressive, tensile and impact resistance are outstanding;

3. No corrosiveness, no harm to human body, inadvertent contamination, can be cleaned with soap water;

4. Clean construction environment and low comprehensive cost;

5. High bonding strength, no stone pollution, moderate curing time.

IV. construction method

1. Surface treatment: the surface of the adhesive shall be dry, dust-free, oil-free, firm and loose. The paint on the metal surface, the floss on the concrete surface and other substances that hinder the full adhesion must be removed. If the surface of slate or metal is too smooth, it must be properly polished;

2. Mixing method: use a small spatula to take equal amount of dry glue component A and component B respectively, put them on the smooth surface (do not use a small spatula for component A and component B), and then use a small spatula to mix component A and component B fully until the mixture is even and the color is consistent.

3. The mixed glue shall not be used beyond the construction effective time. The effective construction time is 10 minutes, the initial solidification time is 4 hours, and the complete solidification takes 2 days.

4. The adhesive parts exceeding the effective time of construction shall not be moved again. If it needs to be moved, the adhesive shall be adjusted and pasted again.

V. production equipment

GD2 paste computer metering mixer is a kind of equipment that specializes in the research and development and production of paste chemical coatings. It has the following advantages: high-speed dispersion, low-speed mixing, computer metering, and can release the set materials with a touch of the switch. Vertical putty paste equipment, automatic feeding porcelain like thick paint mixer. Single shaft with wall scraping, more uniform mixing.

Vi. technical training

We provide technical guidance and services for dry coating, including product formulation training, raw material ordering, production process, construction process, face to face training, and provide relevant product information tracking and guidance.

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