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What's the difference between liquid coil and traditional coil?

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What's the difference between liquid coil and traditional coil?

  The development of waterproof materials to today can be described as a wide range of flexible waterproof materials, in the form of its attached waterproof base, it is roughly divided into two categories, namely: coiled material waterproof and coating waterproof.


What are the characteristics of liquid coil and traditional coil?

  The earliest traditional waterproof roll material should be paper-based asphalt felt. When using asphalt felt as waterproof layer, it must be bonded with building asphalt and paved with sand and stone: the general method is three oil and two felt or four oil and three felt. Because of the labor intensity of the above method, the construction technology is difficult to grasp, a large amount of waste gas produced during the preparation of asphalt is seriously polluting the environment, and it is impossible to construct in places where fire cannot be used, fire and scald Therefore, it is easy to occur, and the roof is difficult to maintain for the second time. Because of the above reasons, the asphalt felt waterproof layer is basically eliminated at present.

  The new generation of waterproof material, liquid coil, is developing towards light weight, convenient construction, no pollution to the environment, durability and beautiful color. Therefore, the liquid coil is composed of paper-based felt, rubber coil, composite membrane modified asphalt coil and various synthetic polymer waterproof coils. The coating waterproof material is composed of modified emulsified asphalt, plastic ointment and polyurethane waterproof coating—— To the environmental protection type synthesis polymer color waterproof coating development.

What are the advantages and characteristics of liquid coil?

1.Single component cold construction does not need to be deployed on site, so it is safe and convenient to use; 

2. Water based coating, low odor, green and environmental protection

3. It does not contain toxic substances such as coal tar and does not burn, so it is an environmental protection product;

4. Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength and high elongation;

5. It has strong adhesion, aging resistance and high elasticity, which is more suitable for the waterproof of the parts easy to crack and deform;

6. It has strong self-healing ability, can self repair the punctured holes and ensure the waterproof quality;

7. It has excellent anti water and anti ultraviolet effect. It can be used at - 50-88 ℃ for up to 20 years, and can reduce the roof temperature. It is the best protective umbrella for building roof;

8. High elasticity, crack resistance and frost resistance, excellent elasticity at low temperature;

9. Good adhesion, no peeling;

10. Easy to construct and maintain in later stage;

11. The service life is up to 20 years;

12. With low comprehensive cost and high cost performance, it is the best choice to replace the traditional coiled material.

The range of application of liquid coil is also quite wide, such as:

1. Various roof and toilet waterproofing works;

2. Waterproof works of underground enclosure structure;

3. Basement, swimming pool, civil air defense project, subway project, tunnel and other waterproof projects;

4. It is especially suitable for the special-shaped parts with complex structure, easy deformation and cracking.

The liquid roll can form a whole jointless sealing layer, with complete waterproof concept, can completely isolate the air and water, and can completely isolate the external rain, moisture and all harmful gases against the waterproof base; the construction technology of the liquid roll is easy to master, the construction equipment is simple, and can be made into a continuous whole waterproof layer without the limitation of any complex shape of the base.

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