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What are the uses of vitrified beads...

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What are the uses of vitrified beads...

  I know that when you see these words, you will surely ask, what is the vitrified bead? What is its purpose? In fact, it is not a rare thing, it is really in our life. When I tell you that the use of vitrified beads is mainly used for light plastering materials and heat preservation of external walls, you won't be unfamiliar with them! Its Material Flammability is class A and can withstand high temperature below 1000 ℃, which makes up for the defect of toxic gas produced by flammable high temperature of existing organic heat preservation materials, and it is also widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, smelting, light industry and many other fields.

Vitrified bead is a kind of acid glass solute mineral perlite mineral sand, which is processed by special technology and production process to form inner porous and surface vitrified and sealed, and it is spherical fine-diameter particle. It is a new type of inorganic light thermal insulation material with high performance, strong aging resistance and weather resistance, and excellent thermal insulation, fire protection, sound absorption and heat preservation performance.


Due to the certain particle strength formed by surface vitrification, the physical and chemical properties are very stable, with strong aging resistance and weather resistance. It has excellent heat insulation, fire protection and sound absorption properties, and is suitable for many fields as light filler aggregate and heat insulation, fire protection, sound absorption and heat preservation materials.

In building materials industry, vitrified beads can replace ordinary expanded perlite and polystyrene particles as lightweight filler aggregate of various products, and have better cost performance. By using various fire-resistant and flame-retardant boards, calcium silicate boards, glass magnesium boards, gypsum boards and artificial cultural stones produced by the production processes of the slurry method, the preparation method and the pouring method, and using glass beads as light aggregate, the workability and self resistance strength of the mortar can be improved, the material shrinkage rate can be reduced, the comprehensive performance of the product can be improved, and the comprehensive production cost can be reduced.

In the application of light dry mixed mortar (heat preservation type, masonry type and plastering type), vitrified beads are used to replace the traditional ordinary expanded perlite and polystyrene particles as the light aggregate of dry mixed heat preservation mortar, which overcomes the phenomena of large water absorption and easy pulverization of expanded perlite, large volume shrinkage rate in slurry mixing, low strength and hollow cracking in the later stage of the product, and makes up for polystyrene particles. The defects of organic materials, such as poor flammability and fire-proof performance, harmful gas produced at high temperature, low aging resistance and weathering resistance, and large anti elasticity in construction, improve the comprehensive performance of thermal insulation mortar.

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