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Do you really know JS waterproof paint?

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Do you really know JS waterproof paint?

What is JS waterproof coating?

  JS waterproof coating refers to polymer cement waterproof coating, also known as JS composite waterproof coating. Among them, J refers to polymer and S cement ("JS" is the Pinyin word for "polymer cement"). Mixed with cement in a reasonable proportion to form a high-strength and tough coating, which has the dual advantages of high elasticity of organic materials and good durability of inorganic materials, and outstanding waterproofing effect. It is a kind of building waterproof coating with polyacrylate emulsion, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion as main raw material.

  JS waterproof coating has been rapidly developed and widely applied since the end of the last century because of its good physical properties, simple construction method and construction on wet base. However, in this process, there are also some problems in the application. The reason is not only that some products are not up to standard, but also related to the improper application of this product and misunderstanding of this product by many people.


Misunderstanding 1. Relation between Coating Thickness and Construction Times

   No matter how good the waterproof coating is, it must have a certain coating thickness as the quality guarantee. The basic thickness of JS coatings is 1.5-2.0 mm in the and the .

Misunderstanding 2. Misunderstanding of Tensile Strength

  In the product standard of JS coatings, the requirements for the tensile strength of the coatings are type I (> 1.2 MPa) and type II (> 1.8 MPa), respectively. Many people mistakenly believe that the higher the tensile strength, the better. In fact, it is not. In the test method of tensile properties of JS coatings, there is a process of heating and curing at 50 for 24 hours after 7 days of standard curing. During this process, many coatings have a rapid increase in tensile strength due to volatile migration of plasticizers, which indicates that the thermal aging properties of these coatings change rapidly and their service life is not long. Therefore, we should be alert to products with abnormally high tensile strength. If necessary, we can do thermal aging retention rate test instead of unilaterally thinking that the higher the tensile strength, the better.

Misunderstanding 3. Setting the Place of Foundation Arbitrarily

  In order to avoid stress concentration in the joint details of some projects, tyre base is added to extend the dispersed stress and reduce the cracking of coating. Therefore, the placement of the tire base directly affects the use effect. It should be that the closer the tire base is to the base, the more dispersive stress can be achieved. In fact, in many projects, no one cares about the placement of the tire base at will, mostly in the middle of the coating. In some projects, the base of the tire is laid on the surface of the coating.

Misunderstanding 4. One-sided Understanding of "Construction in Moist Base"

  Compared with other waterproof coatings, JS waterproof coatings can be constructed in moist base, but there is also a problem of moist degree. It does not mean that any moist climate or very high moisture content of base can be constructed, because the latex in JS coatings is cured by volatilization, too high moisture content of base and too humid climate conditions are not conducive to the curing and film formation of latex, which will reduce the elongation of the film. At the same time, the cement in JS coatings is solidified by hydration, and the dry base and climatic conditions are not conducive to the solidification of cement, so it is necessary to spray some water on the base before construction in hot and dry season. In fact, JS coatings still have some requirements for the temperature and humidity range of construction. Generally, the temperature is 5-35 C and the humidity is 50%-70%. JS coatings can be constructed at will regardless of temperature and humidity. Although they can also form films, the performance of the coatings is far from the same. 

Misunderstanding 5. Misconception of Addible Water Allocation

  Most manufacturers explain in their product specifications that water can be added to dilute the paint during the first painting operation to improve the penetration of the base, so as to improve the bonding force to the base. Therefore, many people misunderstand that JS paint can be added water at will, which is wrong. The ratio of two components in JS coatings, polymer to cement (polymer to cement ratio) and water to cement (water to cement ratio), is determined by the manufacturers through many experiments. Any change of one component ratio has a great influence on the performance of the coatings.

Three-part material and seven-part construction. Whether it is JS waterproofing or other construction materials, we should get out of the construction errors, master the correct construction techniques, and make quality assured projects.

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